Which Love Island 2021 contestants have had sex in the villa?

LOVE Island viewers have been getting frustrated by the PG nature of this year's series.

The contestants don't seem to be as frisky as in previous years – but are they? We've got the answers…

Which Love Island 2021 contestants have had sex in the villa?

So far, this series appears to have been unusually tame.

Unlike series 2, in which Terry and Emma shocked viewers when they had sex on national TV – and in plain sight of the rest of the islanders, the 2021 contestants have been quite tame.

However, this may be down to ITV's attempts to maintain a duty of care to contestants, as opposed to the islanders' sex drives.

A source said: “ITV really don’t want to end up with a load of Ofcom complaints about it being too explicit and they are very mindful of their pledge of a duty of care to contestants.”

Here are the contestants who have done the deed on the new series….

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Millie and Liam

Some raunchy footage from Millie and Liam's night in the hideaway was shown by producers – but they reportedly omitted the full deal.

Viewers watched as Millie put on fishnet tights and a PVC nurse’s outfit to rub oil on Liam’s bottom, but they were left under the impression that that was as far as it went.

The pair reportedly had sex but it couldn't be broadcast due to its explicit nature.

A source said: “They romped over the bed covers and it went on for ages.

“The footage was quite explicit and producers were miffed because they couldn’t air any of it.

“Millie spent a long time straddling Liam and stripped off her nurse’s outfit.

“It meant that the footage had to be cut cleverly for broadcast and video editors had to get creative.

“At least they are genuinely attracted to each other.”

One former contestant told The Sun: “Loads of couples have sex on the show now. They all talk about it when they come out of the villa afterwards.

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“They are aware that so many youngsters watch so producers have to be really careful about what they show or they are inundated with Ofcom complaints.

“Most do it under the duvet but some will just go for it in full view — it’s a no-go as far as broadcast is concerned, so why not?

“It’s funny that it’s edited to be seemingly PG — these are hot-blooded men and women in their prime. They’re at it like rabbits.”

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