When did Halsey date Evan Peters?

AMERICAN pop star Halsey took to Instagram on January 27 to announce her pregnancy, shocking fans with the surprising news.

The star, who was previously dating Evan Peters, has seemingly moved on and is now preparing for the next chapter of her life as a future mother.

Is Halsey dating Evan Peters?

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, aka Halsey, was previously linked to Hollywood actor Evan Peters.

Prior to making it official with Halsey, Peters was previously dating co-star Emma Roberts but broke things off, ending their seven-year relationship and engagement for good.

Roberts and Peters’ relationship took a tumultuous turn in 2013 when the actress was taken into custody after cops were called to a domestic violence incident in the couple’s room on July 7, according to TMZ.

A source told the website, officers entered to find actor Evan with a bloody nose, which led to her arrest.

Peters did not press charges against his then-girlfriend and she was released hours later.

The couple released a joint statement deeming the event "an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding" and claimed they were "working together to move past it."

When did she and Evan Peters date?

Halsey and Peters first stirred romance rumors back in September of 2019 when they were photographed holding hands at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Their relationship was confirmed a few weeks later on the Ellen Show and made headlines when they stepped out on the red carpet for FX’s American Horror Story 100th Episode Celebration Halloween party.

The pair broke things off quietly the following year when she liked a tweet confirming the two had split.

It is unclear what led to the separation.

Halsey is now dating her baby daddy Alev Aydin.

Who is Evan Peters dating now?

It is unclear if Peters is dating someone.

The actor was previously linked to model Pixie Geldof, and actresses Alexia Quinn and Alexandra Breckenridge.

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