What's Different About NoBSactive Since Whitney Thore and Ryan Andreas Parted Ways

NoBSactive is TLC star Whitney Way Thore’s fitness venture. As documented on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore’s fitness business was once a partnership with Ryan Andreas. Now, Thore collaborates with a different partner. During a phone call with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Thore shared how NoBSactive has changed now that Andreas is no longer part of the company. 

NoBSactive went on a hiatus in 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic made it hard for Thore and Andreas to create new content. As documented in the TLC series, Thore wasn’t comfortable being around Andreas in person because of his seeming lack of consideration regarding the pandemic. 

Eventually, Thore shared this message on the No BS Active Facebook Group: 

Unfortunately, NoBSactive is going to have to take a one-month hiatus as we make some changes. I apologize for how sudden this is, but due to current circumstances, it can’t be avoided. I have moved each members’ next charge date ahead one month. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so. Thanks for your patience and I’ll have more info for you soon.

Now, Thore has a new partner in her NoBSactive venture. 

Jessica Powell is part of NoBSactive

Initially, Jessica Powell was Thore’s personal trainer. After working together for some time, Powell was the one who encouraged Thore to try weight lifting competitions. Now, the two are business partners. Together, Thore and Powell host online workouts in a body-positive fitness program that promotes strength, stamina, and confidence. 

Whitney Thore’s fitness venture has gained more subscribers since Jessica Powell joined the team

During a conversation with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Thore talked about how her business has changed since working with Powell.

“The biggest difference in the last few months has just been that our subscribers have gone through the roof,” Thore shared. “This is the most subscribers we’ve ever had.”

Thore said NoBSactive has so many subscribers, it’s starting to get overwhelming — in a good way! Fortunately, she has a plan to scale the business’s growth. 

“I’m finally at the point where I’m going to hire somebody to help with the administrative duties because I’ve always done that 100 percent myself,” said said. 

Subscribers love Jessica Powell

Powell has been a recurring role on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. But now, Thore’s fans can get even more face time with the TLC star. Ironically, in the beginning Powell was a little unsure about her presence on television. But now, she has become a beloved part of MBFFL

“She’s definitely a fan favorite,” Thore admitted. “She’s so funny — she’s so insecure. Like she thinks she looks really bad on TV and I’m like, ‘Everyone loves you.’”

Aside from being a fan favorite on the TLC series, Powell is beloved by many NoBSactive subscribers, too. 

“In terms of having Jessica, I hear nothing but positive,” Thore said. “She’s just she’s amazing. She’s an amazing woman. She’s an amazing friend. She’s an amazing trainer.” But Powell is so much more than that for No BS Active subscribers. 

“I think she really inspires people,” Thore added. “Everybody loves her.” 

NoBSactive hasn’t really changed all that much

Overall, despite the personnel changes at NoBSactive, Thore says nothing really all that different. 

 “It’s kind of like it’s the same it always was, but it’s just getting more successful and more fun,” she concluded on our call. “I love it.” 

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