Watch Disney’s Mulan’s first official teaser here; plus will it be a musical and which characters make the cut?

Disney’s been on a roll recently with all of its live-action remakes. This year alone saw the release of Dumbo, Aladdin and the upcoming The Lion King re-imagined, and up next for Disney is its classic Mulan.

Based on the 1998 animated film, the first official teaser was shown today at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final. Disney fans won’t be disappointed with the epic narrative and beautiful and colorful cinematography that tell the story of Mulan.

This version will likely take a more subdued approach to the Disney live-action trend, and instead of a cast singing along to the classic songs, they’ll be included as instrumentals. Initially, it was reported that the film would also be a musical, but production decided to go in a different direction.

It’s also been reported that Mushu won’t be in the final cut of the film, instead replaced by a phoenix. Currently, it’s not clear of his or her name or role, and this rumor has yet to be fully confirmed.

Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei will take on the titular role. Also appearing in this remake is famed Chinese actor, Jet Li.

Production wrapped in November 2018, but reports indicate some changes and reshoots could take place based on feedback from test audiences.

Mulan is scheduled to hit theatres on March 27, 2020.

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