Vanessa Feltz admits some Celebs Go Dating matches thought she was a little tough

Vanessa Feltz has admitted that some of her Celebs Go Dating matches may have found her "a little tough in parts" as she said that one date looked "horrified" at her reaction.

The broadcaster returned to This Morning, where she is a regular contributor, on Friday to tell hosts Josie Gibson and Andi Peters about her experience on E4 show Celebs Go Dating.

Vanessa, 61, got back into the dating scene for the first time in 17 years after splitting from her partner of 16 years Ben Ofoedu in February after discovering he had been exchanging intimate messages with other women.

Revealing that she had been on "at least 13" dates while filming the series, Vanessa admitted she had found it difficult at times to pretend to be interested in some of her matches.

She said: "There was one moment I yelled at the top of my voice, 'producer, have we got enough in the can yet?' Can I go home?

"The poor old date looked horrified. I thought I was very polite throughout but various rumblings on the production team told me maybe I was a little tough in parts."

Vanessa also talked about her annoyance that some of her dates claimed they felt like she was interviewing them.

The journalist said: "That drove me mad – even if I were to interview someone it wouldn't be you sunshine, it really wouldn't be you. I'm not bringing my greatest interview techniques to bear on you, sweetheart.

"I think when they find out you don't want to go on another date with them, they have to say something and they always say 'I felt that she was interviewing me' and I was like 'you should be so lucky to be interviewed by me'."

Adding that bad dates could be "like wading through treacle", she said: "You start racking your brains for anything at all you can throw into the conversation to make it flow."

She continued: "Had they had anything interesting to say I would have listened. I thought I was absolutely flawless in every way, I was an adornment to every occasion, but the people they lined up were not necessarily deserving of my charms."

Vanessa said that Celebs Go Dating had helped her to get over her nerves about dating again and said: "I have been, I think it's on public record, a rotten picker. I haven't been good at picking, I really haven't."

She added that one day she hoped to be introduced to her perfect match in real life as she doesn't want to do dating apps: "I've never swiped left or right, I don't have any apps. I had an £8 Nokia until the pandemic. I don't really know how to work any of that stuff.

"Also I'd be terrified someone would go 'oh my god, not Vanessa Feltz, argh'. Which would be horrid."

She appears alongside stars including Chloe Burrows, Adam Collard and Mark-Francis Vandelli in the series and said: "I did think 'gosh I'm a little more vintage and antique than they are', but actually we got on famously."

Celebs Go Dating begins on E4 on Sunday at 9pm.

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