Tyler C.'s Shopping Strategy Before Going On 'The Bachelorette'

The Bachelorette audience fell in love with Tyler Cameron for a number of reasons. He’s a feminist, he got along well with the other contestants, he seemed to have Hannah Brown’s best interest at heart, he’s easy on the eyes, and, as an added bonus, his clothes were cool.

Though his job title read “General Contractor” on The Bachelorette, a quick scroll through Cameron’s Instagram indicated that the reality star was also a model.

Tyler C. The Model

In a recent interview with the Bachelor Party podcast, Cameron says he’s putting his passion for construction on hold at the moment to concentrate on modeling.

“I was gonna move [to New York], whatever happened with the show. Because houses are always gonna be built, renovated, there’s always gonna be opportunities there. But there’s a shelf life to modeling and these opportunities so I’m trying to run with it and see what it has to offer and I got some really cool things that are coming up with modeling,” he said.

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But just because Cameron’s a budding model doesn’t mean he’s gifted when it comes to fashion instincts. He told the podcast that when he lived in Jupiter, Florida, he could always be found in basketball shorts and whatever else was comfortable and convenient.

How Tyler C. got his ‘Bachelorette’ wardrobe

When he found out he was going to be on The Bachelorette, he took $2,000 and went shopping in New York City.

“I took about $2,000 and started at the bottom of 5th Avenue here in New York and just kind of bobbed my way, bouncing around. I didn’t have a tailor. It was like a week and a half, two weeks before the show, meanwhile I’ve lost 50 pounds so I don’t have clothes. So I had to buy new clothes, new jeans, everything. I don’t shop, I don’t know fashion, I’m like four years behind when it comes to fashion, so I was just kind of boppin’ around the city trying to figure it out,” he explained, adding that he bought a good portion of his clothes from Zara.

As for why many of his clothes seemed almost uncomfortably tight, it’s because they were. Cameron figured, since he didn’t have a tailor, he’d buy everything a little small because too small was better than too big.

“All my suits I just bought super tight cause I wasn’t gonna get them tailored. I could never button any of ‘em. Show what yo’ mama gave ya, ya know? So I did all the shopping for the show because back at home I’d just wear board shorts, baggy shirt,” he said.

Since Cameron’s been photographed out and about post-show, he’s mostly been sporting workout gear.

But now that he’s been spending more and more time with Gigi Hadid, maybe she can hook him up with a good tailor.

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