Two shock returns, death agony, cancer shock and 7 more Corrie spoilers

There are huge decisions to be made in Coronation Street as Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) is faced with an opportunity to finally come clean to Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) – and he may have little choice as the net closes in. Meanwhile, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) has to take stock of her future as Jan Losinsky (Piotr Baumann) returns with a shocking proposition.

Elsewhere, Gary Windass’ (Mikey North) villainous streak is not set to be toned down any as Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) plays with fire by trying to double cross hi while when Derek gets a little too cocky, Gary responds with a threat of murder. As you do.

Here’s what to expect:

10 Corrie spoilers

Jan returns for Eileen with a proposition.
Jed discovers that Robert has two engagement rings and blackmails him.
Gary is furious when Ryan lies about being unable to pay him.
David reminds Shona that Max’s behaviour could be due to the anniversary of Kylie’s death.
Paula confirms Jan’s story for Eileen and adds that he must really lovr her.
Michelle is confused when she discovers Robert is lying to her.
Geoff is pleased when he can see that Yasmeen is worried about his health.
Fiz arrives home to chaos when Tyrone forgets to book a school place for Hope.
Rachel watches Seb and Alina say a sad goodbye to one another.
Dev tells Mary that she will have to move out because Asha refuses to share a room with Aadi.

Monday 26th August Part One

Michelle sees a text about picking up a ring on Robert’s phone and she asks him to make sure he picks it up, not knowing it’s for Vicky. As Robert collects the replica and places it on Vicky’s finger, Jed turns up and is furious by what he sees. Later, Robert finds his van window smashed – Jed has discovered that he has two engagement rings and smugly wants answers.

Seb is excited at the prospect of Alina and Eileen wonders if she has heard anything from Jan. Paul warns Eileen not to get involved again as trafficking gangs are dangerous and when she finds an intruder in her home, she launches a tin of peas.

Ryan plays with fire by messing Gary around by lying that he can’t pay him – but Gary soon discovers that he is lying when he takes Alya out. Shona tells David about Max’s behaviour and he tells her that it was recently the anniversary of Kylie’s death.

Monday 26th August Part Two

Jan tells Eileen that he loves her and wants her to move away with him to Amsterdam, where he will be safe. Paula confirms to Eileen that Jan was indeed a police informant and that he must really love her to risk everything by turning up in Weatherfield again. Eileen is in two minds.

Derek is bigging up his part and starts chatting up Sarah and when he then gets drunk and implies he will pocket the cash from the factory, Gary turns nasty and warns him it would be the last thing he would ever do. Meanwhile, Ryan continues to string Gary along. Robert tells Michelle that the ring was stolen but she discovers he has been telling lies.

Shona apologises to Max but remains unaware that he is not taking his medication. Billy encourages Emma to get to know Steve if it’s what she wants.

Wednesday 28th August Part One

Gary goes over the factory plans with Sarah but when Adam quizzes him over his altercation with Derek, Gary tries to play it down. Meanwhile, Geoff is pleased to hear that Yasmeen is worried about him and his health. Eileen announces to Seb that Jan was a police informant and they plan to start a new life away from Weatherfield together.

CCTV catches Robert out and he tries to lie his way out of trouble but Jed soon turns up, prepared to blackmail him. Tyrone prepares for Hope’s return but realises that he has forgotten to enrol her at Bessie Street.

Wednesday 28th August Part Two

Geoff lists his ailments to a worried Yasmeen and she is concerned that he should get checked out for cancer. Tyrone panics about Hope’s lack of school place so Evelyn suggests that he has a word with Brian to see if he can pull any strings but he has bad news. However, Evelyn later reveals she has secured Hope’s place but Tyrone is dubious.

Robert coughs up money to Jed but insists that he takes Tyler and leaves for Ireland. When Michelle asks where the cash went, Robert claims he bought her a new ring – but he has already told Craig that he found it. Seb blurts out the truth about Jan to Alina in a bid to get her to stay but she bids a tearful farewell to him. Rachel watches from across the road.

Friday 30th August Part One

Tyrone tells Evelyn that Fiz is due home with Hope and he has booked a meeting with the Head at Bessie Street to try and change her mind. As Tyrone and Brian sit down with her, they are interrupted by Evelyn, who barricades them all in until the Head changes her mind. As she stages a protest, Fiz arrives and is shocked by what she finds.

Maria is thrilled when Ali invites her to the charity ball, while Asha refuses to share a room with Aadi. Yasmeen refuses to let Geoff lift a finger at work and he basks in her concern.
Seb clocks a strange car and realises that Jan is being watched. Eileen is torn over her new life with Jan as he reveals her plans and she tearfully explains that she can’t run away with him. But danger unfolds…

Friday 30th August Part Two

Mary is understanding but deeply upset when Dev explains that she will have to move out as the kids are no longer sharing a room. Robert turns the tables on Jed and reveals he has CCTV footage of him blackmailing him and he will go to the police if he doesn’t disappear. Tyler is hurt when Jed does another disappearing act without saying goodbye.

Tyrone pleads with Evelyn to back down as police and press attend the scene and, furious with the situation, Fiz reckons that Hope would be better off back in Birmingham. Yasmeen urges Geoff to tell Tim about his illness.

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