Tommy Fury let slip him and Molly-Mae had SEX say Love Island fans as he confirms his favourite position is ‘spooning’ – The Sun

LOVE Island's Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague have accidentally let slip they DID have sex, fans have insisted.

The pair, who claimed they have "done bits" but not actually gone all the way, appeared to have been caught out during last night's quiz challenge.

Islanders were quizzed by interrogator Anton Danyluk and asked to write their answers on a blackboard.

The 24-year-old Scot asked the girls: "What is your boy's favourite sex position?"

Without hesitation, Molly-Mae scribbled down: "Spooning."

Turning his board over with the same answer, Tommy replied: "That is correct."

The couple had been seen spooning under the duvet last month making what viewers called "sex noises" while 19-year-old Molly-Mae gasped: "Jesus Christ."

But despite denying they never went all the way, she seemed very sure what the 20-year-old boxer’s favourite position was.

One fan reckoned they've been busted, writing: "Loooool can’t lie that’s confirmed Molly & Tommy have definitely beat ? always spooning."

Another tweeted: "Well that explains why we always see Molly and Tommy spooning ?."

A third insisted: "Lool Molly and Tommy have definitely had sex."

Others feverishly checked their calendars to the night they were first thought to have had gone all the way in the villa.

One wrote: "So Molly and Tommy had sex like 3 days after recoupling WOW."

Another claimed simply: "Molly the whole nation knows Tommy’s fav sex position Hun ????."

Other Islanders also picked out their lads' favourite positions.

Amber Vakili chose “reverse cowgirl” for Ovie Soko, Amber Gill opted for “doggy” and Harley Brash correctly put “the anaconda” for Chris Taylor.

However, the 28-year-old Leicester lad declined to expand on what exactly that involved.

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