This Morning sparks uproar as viewers slam ‘totally distressing’ pig squeals

This Morning: Phil discusses Brexit with pig farmers

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On Thursday’s This Morning, ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke with pig farmers and sisters, Kate Morgan and Vicky Scott. The duo, who run a farm in East Yorkshire, spoke with the hosts about the potential cull of thousands of animals. The farmers stood in front of their pen of pigs as they chatted to Holly and Phillip via video link. However, viewers quickly became distracted by the “distressing” squealing sound the pigs were making.


Taking to social media to share their thoughts, Hannah penned: “Poor pigs. breaks my heart even watching them talking about any slaughter. All slaughter of animals is senseless anyway. Go veggie! Animals have feelings too.” (sic)

Dave raged: “What a lovely sound to wake up to – the sound of pigs in pain. Cheers, this morning how lovely.”

While Katie replied: “Wasn’t it just so tasteless! Totally distressing.”

@Imagiraffe added: “The noise of those pigs on #ThisMorning makes me never want to eat pork ever again.”

“I really don’t think we needed to listen to distressed pigs,” Michelle tweeted.

Judith said: “Here we go again. Pig farmers bemoaning the culling of pigs which would be going to slaughter anyway. Worried about their welfare, ffs. More like loss of profit.” (sic)

Bryony complained: “Ahhhh love hearing distressed and overcrowded pigs in the pens waiting to be slaughtered on the telly, cheers.”

Other viewers pleaded with the farmers to let the pigs go free.

The segment comes after it was reported farmers are facing the possibility of having to slaughter thousands of pigs on their farms due to staff shortages at processing plants caused by Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussing how Brexit is affecting the farmers, Phillip said: “51 percent of the country voted for Brexit.

“We have got the thing now so skilled butchers they have gone home.

“That was part of the whole Brexit thing, the fact that we wanted to take the country back.”

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He continued: “This is one of the by-products of it. Skilled labour has now left the country.

“Exacerbated by COVID-19, what do you want him (Boris Johnson) to do?”

Vicky replied: “We need action now. We need him to relax the immigration visas to allow butchers to come back in.

“The sticking point massively is that they’re having to adhere to very good English speaking and language skills.”


As Vicky tried to get her point across, her words were quickly drowned out by the loud noise of the squealing pigs behind them.

She went on to explain skilled butchers need good English speaking and language skills.

Commenting on the noise, she said: “Gosh, it is very noisy.

“It is very noisy. We need him to put restrictions on the imports.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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