The Undoing viewers U-turn on Elena's murderer after spotting 'obvious' clues Grace killed her, not Jonathan

THE Undoing fans have backflipped over who they think is the killer in the hit drama, calling it "b****y obvious".

Nicole Kidman's six-part series aired its second episode on NOW TV on Monday and viewers who were once convinced they knew who the killer was have suddenly changed their tune.

Viewers were left on the edge of their seats when Grace Fraser (Kidman) called the police on husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant), who is wanted for Elena Alves' (Matilda De Angelis) murder.

In the second episode in the series, Grace had discovered Jonathan had been having an affair, he lost his job and he was also suspected to be Elena's killer.

After admitting to Grace (Nicole Kidman) he had been cheating on her with Elena, Jonathan said he went to Elena's studio to confront her because he felt she was getting too close to his wife.

The pair argued which lead to them sleeping together, and he then decided to go to a bar. When he returned, he claimed Elena was already dead.

Jonathan looked even more like the guilty party when he decided not to call the police and returned home to his wife Grace and had sex with her, before leaving the next morning.

But a lot of viewers think Jonathan being the killer was too obvious and Grace must have killed Elena in a jealous rage.

Some viewers said it "b****y obvious" that Grace killed Elena, while others said it was "too obvious" that Jonathan was the murderer.

One Twitter user wrote: "It’s way too obvious he killed Elena. Grace or Henry did it imo."

While another added: "After two episodes complete it just seems way to obvious it was Grace who killed her, but great thrillers are not supposed to be that obvious? So what else could it be?"

And a third said: "Now I'm thinking Hugh Grant is too obvious as a suspect. What if Grace is more involved but blacked out? They always seem to give psychiatrists some sort of mental/emotional challenge in these type of shows."

The Undoing continues Monday November 9 on Sky Atlantic

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