‘The Sandman’ Renewed for Season 2 and Things Are About To Get Super Complicated for Dream

This post contains some spoilers for The Sandman Season 1, as well as ~potential spoilers~ for Season 2. Scroll at your own risk.

For years, fans of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman saga honestly didn’t think the comic book series would ever be adapted for the screen. Netflix stepped up to the ultra-ambitious task, however, and recently dropped the first season of the show, which stars Tom Sturridge as Morpheus (aka Dream) as he struggles to return to his realm of dreams and reestablish his power after being trapped away for close to a hundred years.

Since source material is a 75-volume epic, there’s certainly plenty of story left to tell if Netflix ultimately decides to renew The Sandman for future installments. Here’s everything we know so far about a potential Sandman Season 2.

Is there going to be a Sandman Season 2?

After months of waiting and even a deleted tweet with the big news, Netflix has officially confirmed that the show will be back for season 2.

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