The One Show's Matt Baker reveals terrifying sheep stampede that left elderly mother hospitalised

THE One Show's Matt Baker has revealed all about a terrifying sheep stampede that left his elderly mother hospitalised.

The 43-year-old presenter left the popular BBC show in March last year after nine years to move back to the North of England with his family.

Once back in County Durham, Matt started to support his parents with the running of their farm and their escapades have become the focus of a new show on More 4, Our Farm on the Dales.

Appearing on today's This Morning to talk about it with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Matt said: "It's been quite an eventful few months and to be honest with you it was a programme that was never really pitched, it just evolved from the situation that we found ourselves in because of my mum's accident."

Matt, who also hosts Countryfile, revealed he received a call to say his mum had been in an accident on the farm.

His mum Janice, 65, had been preparing the sheep for clipping when she fell, and was trampled on by the flock.

Janice ended up with a broken leg in hospital and so Matt had to help his dad Mike, 77, run the farm.

He said: "I mean basically happened because of the situation that we were in and to be fair, the situation that we've got down south you know we have kind of an extension to the farm in the Chiltern Hills really so we've got sheep down there and chickens and what have you.

"We're always bringing stock up and down between the two so, certainly for my children, it wasn't that much of a lifestyle change in that way, and the family farm has always been a big part of all of us.

"What happened was my dad rang me up one morning totally out of the blue and said 'your mum's had an accident, she was down in the sheep pen, she got knocked over by a flock of sheep and she broke her leg' and she was in hospital and it turned out she needed a knee replacement."

Matt is now in charge of the farm and the four-part series documents his journey as he hopes to restock the farm and introduce sustainable breeds in a bid to take the burden off his mum.

He will also be seen falling back in love with his roots as he explores the rural area he grew up in.

He added: "At its heart, it's not a farming programme, it's about those moments in your life the tables turn and you start looking after your parents the way that they looked after you."

Our Farm in the Dales airs on More4 and is available on All4.

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