The One Shows Alex Jones squeals as Ronan Keating strips off for ice bath

The One Show stars Alex Jones and Ronan Keating left the studio for a special segment during the latest edition of the BBC One programme.

The pair hosted the show together cracking jokes and interviewing guests, but fans couldn't work out why one specific moment featured in the nightly magazine show.

While opening the show, Alex announced that later on in the show Ronan would be taking a bath full of ice, while she quizzed him, but fans were completely baffled, with one even taking to Twitter to ask: "And the point of that was?"

When introducing the segment, Alex urged viewers at home to take the "proper precautions" if they were going to partake in getting in an ice bath.

Fans were shown both Alex and Ronan standing on the roof of the BBC earlier on today before the show.

Ronan striped down to just his underpants and a white t-shirt as he dipped into the icy waters and ice cubes on a freezing cold January day.

After asking Ronan a set of questions and bombarding him with facts to take his mind off of the cold water, he jumper out of the blow-up bath and shouted: "I can't feel my toes, I can't feel my toes".

Alex then squealed as he threw on a dressing gown and ran away from her and camera crew.

One said: "#TheOneShow Ice bath? #Nuts."

A second person tweeted: "And the point of that was? #theoneshow."

While a third penned: "It freezing temperatures it January l don't want to see poor Ronan Keating having a ice bath on the One Show it makes me feel cold.

"l think Ronan Keating was brave to take he clothes off and get in a ice bath outside at this time of year."

And a fourth said: "Loved Ronan face in the ice bath and his responses to Alex's questions omg you could tell he was struggling with the cold. Well done Ronan."

The One Show airs weeknights at 7pm on BBC One

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