The Masked Singer: Blob’s identity ‘confirmed’ as fans uncover telling childhood clue

Masked Singer: Blob performs Uptown Funk

So far, four celebrities have been unmasked on The Masked Singer and this weekend, the remaining eight singers will take to the stage as they compete to remain anonymous. Amongst them is Blob, the big, google-eyed monster of sorts and it seems the famous face beneath the outrageous costume as been unveiled after fans unearthed a clue relating back to their childhood. 

Blob has performed twice so far, ITV viewers first saw them singing Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and then Word Up by Cameo. 

But while some of the contestants’ identities are hotly debated, fans are still unsure who Blob really is. 

With a distinctive voice, some think stand-up comedian Sir Lenny Henry is underneath the mask. 

It comes after a number of clues were given which those watching at home believe align with the Comic Relief co-founder. 

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In the fist VT, Blob said: “I’m big, bright and loud. 

Oh, and it’s not the first time I’ve been called four eyes – having these extra eyes helps me to observe everything, and I’ve definitely done a lot of that in my career. 

“As a kid I wanted to be James bond or batman, but instead I became the Blob. 

“Tonight I’ve got all four eyes on the prize, and I’m, hoping to go out there and make a good first impression.” 

Blob also “recorded a demo for Simon Cowell” and this lead to the panel – which consists of Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora and Mo Gilligan – to suggest Greg Davies, Richard Osman or Andy Peters to be the celebrity. 

Before their second performance, Blob explained: “In my last performance, the panel were getting some serious teacher vibes. 

I’m a bit of an academic, so maybe i can teach them a lesson in guessing.

“Have they got the shape of me? Absolutely not.

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“As a musician, I’ve had the great fortune to duet with amazing artists over the years.

“I played to large audiences and also intimate celebrity gigs – I even played for a top political journalist.” 

Blob has also “worked with George Michael’s producer” and “has written songs too”. 

Following this, a fan posted to Reddit ‘Blob’s Truth’ which was accompanied by a screenshot of information on Lenny Henry from the BBC. 

The content read: “Lenworth George Henry. 1. Lenny got his name from the doctor who delivered him. 

“Lenny was named after a Dr Lenworth, and his full name is Lenworth George Henry. At home he was always called Len, but after he became famous his mum started to refer to him as Lenny.” 

Someone replied to the post with “definitely” and another added ”I’m 100% sure it’s Lenny Henry now”. 

The Masked Singer returns next Saturday at 7pm on ITV. 

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