The Last Kingdom film theory sees Aethelstan kills his brother

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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The Last Kingdom fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Netflix film, Seven Kings Must Die. The film takes place after Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) has claimed back Bebbanburg. With the movie seemingly based on Bernard Cornwell’s last two novels, there could be a tragic death.

Will Aelfweard be killed in Seven Kings Must Die?

Production has now finished on the upcoming feature-length film and details of the plot are being kept under wraps.

However, as the film is expected to bring Uhtred’s journey to an official end, it is taking inspiration from the last of Cornwell’s Saxon Stories.

This means plot points from Sword of Kings and War Lord could feature, and there are some major losses still to come.

Aelfweard (Ewan Horrocks) was stuck in the middle of a family feud in the fourth season of The Last Kingdom.

His grandfather Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) wanted him to be king but the odds were in Aethelstan’s (Harry Gilby) favour.

Aelfweard had no idea his grandfather was plotting to kill Aethelstan behind his back.

However, the tables could turn in Seven Kings Must Die if the events of Sword of Kings are followed.

In the book, Aelfweard remains one of the candidates to succeed King Edward (Timothy Innes) who is dying.

Before his death, Edward makes the decision to give Wessex to Aelfweard and Mercia to Aethelstan.

Uhtred realises how dangerous this is as it could lead to a civil war.

Towards the end of the book, Aethelhelm’s schemes are uncovered and he is killed trying to flee London.

Aelfweard is then captured and personally executed by his brother Aethelstan.

There is a chance war will break out between the two brothers as they fight for the crown.

However, in the series, Aethelhelm has already died as he took his own life out of regret for what he had done.

Still, this does not mean Aelfweard has not picked up some of his grandfather’s bad habits.

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Having been under Aethelhelm’s influence for so long, he may have a hunger for power.

Not wanting to share leadership with his brother, he could plot against him or make life difficult for him.

Sadly this could all backfire as Aethelstan may have the opportunity to cut Aelfweard out of the picture altogether.

Not wanting to risk any more fighting, he could take his younger brother’s life so he can rule England as a whole.

Aelfweard appeared as a young boy (Marcell Zsolt Halmy) in the fourth season of The Last Kingdom.

Edward does not seem as interested in his second son, as he was more in love with Aethelstan’s mother.

Aelfweard will now have another half-brother to contend with, as Edward is having a baby with his new love interest, Eadgifu (Sonya Cassidy).

The family feud is likely to get even more intense in the upcoming film.

Seven Kings Must Die will air on Netflix.

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