The Joker card in Alice in Borderland has a different role in manga

Alice in Borderland: Season 2

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Alice in Borderland returned to Netflix with season two and the finale saw the players thrown back into the real world. It was revealed they had all been in hospital following a catastrophic asteroid incident. Before the credits rolled a Joker card was shown, but what does it mean?

What does the Joker card mean in Alice in Borderland?

The finale of Alice in Borderland season two saw Arisu (played by Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) take on the Queen of Hearts (Riisa Naka).

After playing a dangerous game of croquet, they managed to defeat her and with the game complete, were sent back to reality.

Just as they thought their lives were going back to normal, a number of playing cards appeared.

All of them blew away with the breeze, except one, which was the Joker card.

The Joker is a mysterious character who Arisu thought was the ruler of the Borderlands.

In the original manga, the Joker asks Arisu if he comes across as a God or a Devil.

Arisu starts to picture the Sanzu River, believing Joker is like the ferryman who carries the dead to the netherworld.

After this, the players refuse permanent residency in the Borderlands and are sent back to reality as promised.

The Joker in the Alice in Borderland manga was therefore responsible for taking those who chose not to stay back to the real world.

However, in the series, the Joker is not seen in person and he did not help the players return.

Instead, the shot of the Joker card acts as a tease for a third season, which is likely to deviate from the original source material.

As the players do not compete against the Joker in the original manga, a unique storyline should be created.

The trickster card may also suggest the games are not actually over and the players are still connected to Borderland.

Fans have taken to Reddit to share their own thoughts on what the Joker card symbolises.

Edenoats said: “I don’t think a season 3 will play out, the joker just symbolizes the gatekeeper between life and death or second chance.

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“I do believe those who had been there longer were victims of other tragedies such as the scene with band and them doing a ‘pick the driver’ thing which I’m guessing meant they might have been in a car accident and were fighting for their lives prior to the asteroid.

“The term borderland itself is a reference for being in limbo so it wouldn’t be far-fetched.” [Sic]

Legitimate_Pool added: “Perfect ending. I believe the joker means that none of it really happened.

“He is laughing. He might be the ferryman, but he enjoys his job. It was all in evil fun for him.

“And maybe there is something more that is going to happen in their lives that they will have to fight and struggle.”

Raptor188 shared: “The joker card was explained by the Queen of Hearts lady. She said life is like a game.

“The joker card simply means that life IS their final game. And when they die in it, they will die for real.

“Further proof is indicated numerous times in the series, where the rules are quite simple for each game.

“In life, rules are simple, you just have to get to the next day. It’s also the hardest game to play, which is why it’s the last card.”

Alice in Borderland season 2 is on Netflix now

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