'The Chi' Season 4 Will See Papa Question His Faith

The Chi‘s ensemble cast allows viewers to fall in love with many different characters. However, one of the Showtime drama series‘ most beloved characters is Papa, played by Shamon Brown. Before the show was renewed for its fourth season, its showrunner teased what would happen if they got another season order, including what would be going down with Papa’s storyline. The character had a major life event happen in the third season and is also involved in a budding romance.

‘The Chi’ is heading into its fourth season on Showtime

The Chi, set on the South Side of Chicago, revolves around a group of disparately-connected characters who are bound together through a series of tragic events. The events all result from two murders that impact the character and bring them together in more ways than one.

The first season of the show starred Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Armando Riesco, and Tiffany Boone. Sonja Sohn, Jahking Guillory, and Steven Williams had major recurring roles. Michael Epps, Brown and Barton Fitzpatrick became series regulars in the second season, while Boone and Mitchell left the show after season 2 following Mitchell’s misconduct claims. Also, Birgundi Baker moved up from recurring to series regular status in season 3, while Riesco ended up departing the show after season 2.

What is on the horizon for Papa in season 4?

In an interview with TV Guide, The Chi’s showrunner, Justin Hillian, broke down some of the biggest season 3 moments and previewed what would happen if the show got a fourth season (at the time of the interview, the show had not been renewed).

The season saw Papa’s father arrested, which will definitely have a big impact on him in season 4, according to Hillian. “It’s going to make him question his faith,” he said. “Which I think in a potential season 4 would be an interesting route for him to go down. Because that’s something he’s always leaned on.”

Hillian also talked about the fan-favorite relationship between Papa and Maisha, which is now one of the show’s cornerstones. When asked about the “healthy relationship,” Hillian told the publication, “We just felt like we had an opportunity to, like you say, show a really healthy relationship. And although Maisha liked Kevin and Kevin liked Maisha, it took him a while to get there. We just felt like she deserved better than that. She deserved to be pursued and to be courted, and to have someone kind of worship the ground she walked on. With Papa being such a gentleman and her having so much to offer, and him being sort of intellectual, it just felt like a natural fit.”

The Chi is expected to return later this year on Showtime for the fourth season of the show. However, its exact timeline is unclear due to the impacts of Hollywood production due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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