The Chase viewers stunned as 'real life' Princess Fiona from Shrek appears on the show

THE Chase viewers were left stunned as a 'real life' Fiona from Shrek appeared on tonight's show.

And in a bizarre twist, the contestant's name was actually Fiona.

Fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the similarity between contestant Fiona and the cartoon princess.

One viewer tweeted " F***ing hell eh. Princess Fiona is real !!!"

While another simply shared a picture of the contestant and noted: " Her names Fiona and is wearing a green dress and looks like Shrek's Fiona."

And others couldn't believe their eyes, writing: "Is that literally Fiona from Shrek?"

Others adopted a humourous approach joking that they "didn't know they did celebrity specials on a week day."

And another joked that Fiona "didn't learn much locked away in that tower did she. Back to far, far away you go princess…"

One fan even asked her if she was "married to a man called Shrek by any chance?"



Some fans were even suspicious that Fiona was consciously channelling the cartoon character voiced by Cameron Diaz:

"Just me that thinks of this Fiona woman on #TheChase playing up to Princess Fiona from Shrek?"

Others noted how fans had been whipped into a frenzy by the spot. One Tweeter wrote:

"The amount of tweets saying she looks like Fiona from Shrek" with a cry-laugh emoji.








One Tweeter was relieved that Fiona's time was up on the game show as the relentless comparative Tweets were becoming overwhelming:

"Thank f**k for that. The princess Fiona tweets are over."

Although despite Twitter buzz some completely failed to see the similarity – one user wrote " I'm the only one who doesn't think Fiona looks like Fiona from Shrek lol."

Meanwhile yesterday The Chase viewers were left shocked as The Governess lost the show after getting a question on Enid Blyton wrong.

Fans couldn't believe Chaser Anne Hegerty stumbled on such an easy question, which lead to the team winning.


The question asked was about which author came up with the characters The Skittles – with the answer being Enid Blyton.

But the Governess didn't know the answer, which gave the team the lead.

They ended up beating Anne, and scooping the jackpot of £17,000.

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