The Chase slammed for 'most embarrassing episode EVER' – as fans claim contestants stumbled onto wrong show

THE Chase has been slammed for the 'most embarrassing episode EVER' – as fans claim the contestants stumbled onto the wrong show.

Monday's episode of the ITV quiz show saw Andy, Jackie, Lisa, Ewan take on Mark 'The Beast' Labbett.

Mark, 56, was on fine form and one by one took each contestant out and sending them home empty handed.

Ewan was up last and Mark made a high offer of £80,000, but he turned it down.

However, going for one of the lower offers didn't help him as he too was caught, meaning there were no contestants in the Final Chase.

Viewers couldn't believe they were seeing such a dismal display, with one writing on Twitter: "Crikey Moses. This is embarrassing. #TheChase."

Another added: "What asylum are they harvesting these contestants from ….the last few Chase episodes have some of the dumbest twits ive ever seen !!!!#thechase".

A third tweeted: "Christ this one is Dumb #TheChase".

Others joked the contestants had ended up on the wrong show, with one tweeting: "I think they mixed up the shows, this lot are meant to be on Tipping Point surely? What a team… #TheChase".

Some viewers wondered what happens when all four contestants are knocked out, as there's still around 20 minutes of airtime left.

But they soon found out, as Bradley revealed one contestant chosen by the team would return to face the Chaser alone with the prize fund being reset at £4000.

If the contestant wins, it is split evenly between the four players.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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