The Chase fans swoon over 'cute' civil servant Rory, 25, who wanted to take his parents on holiday with his winnings

THE Chase contestant Rory left viewers swooning with his model-like features and "soppy reason" for playing the game.

Rory, 25, is a civil servant from London who planned to take his parents on holiday to Malaysia if he won money on the ITV gameshow.

Rory admitted he was a history nerd with his favourite era being World War One.

When asked what he would spend his winnings on, Rory said it was a “soppy reason”.

Rory said: “I would like to take my mum and dad to Malaysia, my dad is Malaysian and grew up there.

“And it’s been a little while since he got to go back.”

He added: “He’s got ten brothers and sisters, they’re still with us and he would love to see them again.”

Host Bradley Walsh responded: “I think that’s a fantastic thing to do” and he called him a “fantastic son”.

Viewers were touched by Rory’s heartfelt motivation to win.

They were also swept away by Rory’s youthful model-like features.

One viewer said: “Rory on #TheChase is cute.”

A second wrote: “Rory looks like a male model he has perfect features.”

Another penned: “Oh hello Rory!”

Rory built up an impressive in his cash builder of £5,000 and Chaser Jenny noted his “speedy answers.”

Jenny remarked: “I can tell you haven’t been a civil servant for very long because it didn’t take you months to answer those questions.”

But Rory's dreams soon came crashing down and Bradley told him: “Sorry to lose you, keep up the good work and I wish you well.

“Love to your mum and dad, you will take him away on holiday I know you’re going to do it you’re a lovely son.”

Despite getting caught Jenny sung his praises and said: “I have done myself another huge favour there.”

She added: “Rory had a really interesting knowledge base for someone so young and also a lot of speed about him.

“He would have been a great asset to have in the final chase.”

  • The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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