The Chase fans slam host Bradley Walsh for 'making excuses' for quizzer with 'poor general knowledge'

THE Chase fans have slammed host Bradley Walsh for "making excuses" for a contestant with "poor general knowledge".

Viewers took to Twitter after Bradley, 60, used a quizzer's age to make sense of why she was only able to build up £2,000 back to the table.

Contestant Katie, 24, was initially confident but when she was put under pressure facing Mark The Beast Labbett, she folded.

After a string of wrong answers, Bradley defended her saying that she was "undone by her age" instead of reprimanding her poor effort.

Taking to Twitter, viewers immediately complained about the comment saying her effort was "no excuse" for her "poor level of general knowledge".

"Undone by your age? That's no excuse for a poor level of general knowledge," one fan started the discussion.

Another agreed of Katie's performance: "Not undone by her age. Undone by her lack of general knowledge."

A third chimed in on the debate: "'Before your time there, Katie'. Now Brad is encouraging the excuse."

While Katie did stumble a few times, she did manage to get back to the panel and secure her place in the Final Chase.

She and the rest of the team were unable to beat The Beast, who managed to catch up to the team with just a minimal three seconds to spare.

Despite the earlier mishaps, some viewers stepped up to defend the team saying that the Chaser's questions were "too easy".

"The Beast's questions were way too easy," one fan wrote to Twitter. "It's like, 'What colour is a red fire engine?' I mean come on."

Another second said: "What? The questions for the Chaser were so easy. Unfair," while a third agreed: "Chaser questions p*** easy today."

It comes after Bradley got a taste of his own medicine on The Chase when Anne Hegerty took a swipe at his expense. 

The actor and quiz show host is known for his cheeky swipes at the Chasers, cracking jokes about their tough-talking abilities and quiz knowledge. 

However, Anne – aka The Governess, saw her opportunity and took it during today’s episode, when she went head-to-head with drama teacher, Beth. 

She quipped: “It's nice to have someone on the show that can actually act – isn't it Brad?” 

Bradley – who has starred on Doctor Who, Coronation Street – stood stunned at her comment before simply commenting: “Voila!… I don’t know what that means.” 

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