'The Bold Type' Will End in Fifth Season and Reveals Returning Character

Freeform’s show The Bold Type has been a favorite among audiences for years due to its portrayal of female friendship, unapologetic ambition, and diverse love stories. After four seasons on Freeform, The Bold Type will conclude after its fifth season. The cast gathered for its first table read of the last season and introduced a returning beloved character. Find out which character on The Bold Type is coming back before the show ends.

‘The Bold Type’ will conclude next season

The fifth season of The Bold Type will be its last one, per Variety. The TV show first aired in June 2017, and has had four seasons since then. The Bold Type follows three women working at Scarlet magazine, a fictionalized version of Cosmopolitan, as they juggle their friendship, career goals, and obstacles along the way.

The Bold Type is a brand-defining show for Freeform,” President of Freeform Tara Duncan told Variety. “It’s been refreshing, relatable, and fun to watch Kat, Jane, and Sutton lean on their friendship to navigate the complexities of modern life.”

Katie Stevens plays writer Jane Sloan, Aisha Dee stars as social media guru Kat Edison, and Meghann Fahy portrays Sutton Brady-Hunter, assistant-turned-stylist at the magazine.

“It’s one of my favorite shows, and I am proud that we are giving the series the send-off [Executive Producer and Showrunner Wendy Straker Hauser], the incredible cast and crew, and the beloved fans all deserve,” Duncan continued.

Season four concludes with Jane weighing on whether to write an article that would implicate mentor and editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin), Sutton cheating on her new husband, on-again, off-again love interest Richard Hunter (Sam Page), and Kat seemingly breaking up with her Republican lawyer girlfriend Eva Rhodes (Alex Paxton-Beesley).

The cast gathered for a table read following the announcement

Following the announcement that the fifth season will be the last, Freeform released a video of The Bold Type cast at the first table reading of the season. Straker Hauser introduced the cast for the table read on a Zoom call.

“We are so excited to be back and we can’t wait to get going,” Straker Hauser said on the call. She proceeded to name each actor and their character and revealed one final person that would definitely excite fans of the show.

‘The Bold Type’ cast revealed one major character is returning

Straker Hauser said she was “very excited to announce” the return of Nikohl Boosheri, who plays Adena El-Amin in the show.

Adena has been Kat’s love interest since season one, but the two have had their fair share of issues. The start of their relationship coincided with Kat exploring her sexuality, and they tried being in an open relationship so Kat could see what it’s like being with other women.

Things didn’t work out for the two of them, who also had to work together at Scarlet for a time. Since the season four finale showed Kat breaking up with Eva, fans should be interested to find out how Adena will play into the season five story arc.

You can watch The Bold Type on Freeform.

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