The Bay viewers work out killer minutes into latest series

The Bay: Metcalf family devastated by fire

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The Bay first hit ITV back in 2019 and immediately became viewers’ newest crime series obsession. After news the series was returning fans were delighted, however, they were quick to theorise what they thought the plot of series four was going to be minutes into the first episode.

In the opening scenes of episode one, Dean Metcalf (played by Joe Armstrong) called his wife Beth Metcalf (Victoria Elliot) on her mobile.

Whilst he was at work, he asked why she wasn’t out with her friends like she had planned, to which she exclaimed she had already told him that her friend was sick so decided to rearrange.

A loud crash was heard from the home, and Beth looked out the window to see someone hopping over the back fence and running away from their home.

As she investigated the crash, it soon became apparent that a fire had broke out in the home as she gathered her children to get out of the house.

Dean raced home from work after hearing the commotion, whilst Beth was still inside the house trying to get their dog Jack out.

By the time she found him, the fire had spread throughout the house and she was trapped in one room before the explosion happened and she died.

Suspicion of why the attack happened and who had targeted the family began to grow, with DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) arriving on the scene.

Dean stood in front of the house staring out the window where he had seen his wife minutes before, not shedding a tear and ignoring his children.

This became suspicious to viewers who began to theorise that Dean was involved in the incident and took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

@thebigfella007 commented: “Early theory. The husband said I thought you lot were out. Torched it for insurance money? #TheBay”

Autumn Summers noted: “Ooooohhhh he thought they were all out that night #thebay.”

Louise C claimed: “#TheBay insurance fraud that’s gone wrong??? What a horrible way to die…”

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Robin Childs asked: “#TheBay anyone else think it’s the husband – arranging arson for the insurance to prop up his failing business?”

Nikky Linnane added: “Husband thought the wife was going to be out I hope it’s not an insurance job gone wrong #TheBay.”

@perfectmanda theorised: “Going to call it now the dad asked his mate to pull an insurance job on the house thinking they would all get out on time #TheBay.” (sic)

At the end of the episode, Jenn also began to mount suspicion on Dean when she picked up on something he had said to her in the early hours of the incident.

The team had investigated the families day to day life and were told that Beth had been taking on extra shifts at work.

This led to the team wondering whether there were money troubles that had to be sorted, leaving Beth to take the load.

As they were ordered to look into their finances, Jenn explained: “Dean said they were supposed to be out last night.

“He’s angry, he’s all over the shop but you don’t get the sense that he is upset. There is something shut off about it.”

Is Dean involved in his wife’s murder?

The Bay airs Wednesdays from 9pm on ITV.

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