Teen Mom Cheyenne wants ‘house and proposal’ from new boyfriend Zach as baby daddy Cory slams her for 'moving too fast'

TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd has been slammed by baby daddy Cory Wharton for "moving too fast" after discovering she is buying a house with new boyfriend Zach.

Chey and Zach were high school sweethearts, and reunited in 2020.

But her ex Cory, the father of her three-year-old daughter Ryder, was not impressed to discover they may be buying a new home together.

On Teen Mom OG On Tuesday, fans saw Chey househunting with her sister, who asked if Zach was moving in with her.

Later, on a call with Ryder, Cory finds out they viewed homes, and he tell Chey: "Listen, I’m done these crazy phone calls.

"First, you tell me you’re in a relationship, now you wanna call me and tell me you want to buy a house. Like, you know what that third one is?"

"What’s the third one? Let’s hear it," Cheyenne responded, to which Cory responded: "You better slow your f**king roll, fast."

The scenes were shot in late 2020; Chey and Zach are now expecting their first baby together.

However, when Chey begins to feel pressured from the real estate agents, she admits to Zach "it's all a lot" and asks if they can put the conversation on hold for six months.

"I need to take a second and step back," she says.

"What do you think about maybe giving us six months to put the house conversation on hold and you move in with me for six months, and we come back to the house conversation after that?"

Zach agrees its an option, and Chey then cheekily adds: "It's not a forever solution but I am sure a house and ring will come…"

Chey was recently criticized by Teen Mom fans for being "desperate" after she bought a doormat that read: "The (eventually, soon-ish, one day) Davis's."

The pair now live together, as their family grows, but fans were not impressed.

"Why do they all have that family fantasy? They're already living together. It's not going to change much once they're married," shared one fan, as others spoke fondly of the tradition of marriage.

"These are the same types of people who have a life, laugh, love sign up in their house somewhere," joked another fan, as one commented: "Everything about this is embarrassing. Everything."

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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