Teen Mom Amber Portwood sobs as daughter Leah, 12, 'won't accept her apology as she can't love someone who hurts others'

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood cried as she feared her daughter Leah, 12, "won't respond to her apology letter."

The tearful moment came before Leah said she "can't love someone who hurts others."

During Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber, 30, spoke to producers about her plan to write Leah a note apologizing for all of her mistakes in the past.

The MTV star explained: "Even if I take responsibility for every single wrongdoing I’ve ever done, it just feels like it’s never enough.

"All I can say is sorry and try to move forward."


Amber then explained: "I've written a letter to her just explaining how much I just want our real relationship back that we used to have."

When asked what her "expectations" were with the letter, she admitted: "I'm scared on her phone I'm blocked."

After she shared her plans to send the video to Leah's father Gary Shirley, Amber become emotional and broke down in tears.

She said: "How many times do I need to apologize? They don't hear me.

"How many times do I need to apologize? I'm trying."


Despite Amber's fears, Leah ended up watching the video with Gary.

However, Leah told her father that she wasn't ready to accept Amber's apology after the Teen Mom OG star slammed her stepmother Kristina.

While Gary and Kristina explained that Amber's mistakes shouldn't define their relationship, the 12-year-old insisted: "I can't love somebody who tries to hurt other people."


Back in August, Amber told The Sun that she has reconciled with Gary and Kristina after she accused them of not helping her relationship with Leah. 

The Teen Mom OG star said: “Me, Gary, and Kristina, are doing amazing actually. We literally just went to a fair, all of us together, the whole family.

“We are in a much better spot than we were. We are doing good and we are in contact. I see my kids so obviously I have to see them.” 

Previously, the Teen Mom OG trailer featured Amber crying over her dark past.

Amber and Leah's strained relationship has been heavily documented during recent episodes of the MTV show.

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