‘Take him off air’ GMB guest sparks uproar as vaccine row erupts

GMB: Tru Powell slams calls for lockdown for the unvaccinated

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On Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls were back on the show to present the latest news headlines. The duo discussed a range of topics and spoke with a number of guests throughout the programme. However, things took a turn when they spoke with entrepreneur Tru Powell and Professor John Ashton about whether it’s fair to put unvaccinated people into lockdown.

Professor Ashton believes “everyone needs to play their part” when it comes to combatting coronavirus.

However, Tru is against putting unvaccinated people into lockdown as he claimed it is an “encroachment on civil and human rights”.

The segment certainly left viewers divided and while some agreed with Tru and Professor Ashton’s views, many did not.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, Nick fumed: “If you don’t want a jab fine, it doesn’t mean you can carry on as normal spreading it.”

He continued: “This fool whimpering that poor people being locked down. The people not having it claiming human and civil rights are being stopped what about mine This fool is selfish and a fool to himself.” (sic)

Guy wrote: “Tru Powell on #GMB conflating discrimination with enforcing people into lockdown if they are posing as a risk to millions by not being vaccinated. And this man gets a platform!?! Honestly, this is deeply unintelligent.” (sic)

“Who’s this Tru bloke? Why does his opinion matter? And why is he always exhausted?” Kev quizzed.

While Phil added: “If you’re so ‘exhausted’, why are you boring us with your snowflake squealing on #GMB? You have no right to spread the virus.”

However, some viewers felt angered by professor Ashton’s viewers, with User @Pooch tweeting: This guy is very very dangerous!!! Professor John Ashton – blaming school kids, wants more lockdowns, take him off air !!!!!!” (sic)

More to follow…

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