Surprise father of Amelia's baby revealed as Emmerdale fans work out the truth?

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) in Emmerdale was stunned when a doctor told her she’s pregnant.

Becoming a mum has absolutely been the last thing on Amelia’s mind, as the teen has been consumed with negative emotions over how she looks.

Amelia convinced herself that if she started taking weight-gaining syrup and altered her body image, she would gain more likes and followers on social media.

The storyline reached a turning point last week, as Amelia had no choice but to tell Gabby (Rosie Bentham), Dan (Liam Fox) and Kim (Claire King) that she dropped baby Thomas because she hadn’t been eating properly.

After getting checked over, 15-year-old Amelia then discovered she is also pregnant.

Given their recent scenes together, you’d assume Noah (Jack Downham) is the father of Amelia’s baby – but a couple of important things to note are:

A few months ago, when Amelia developed a crush on Noah, she was devastated when he cruelly told her no one would ever be in a relationship with her.

Amelia then avoided Noah, who subsequently got arrested after stalking and harassing Chloe (Jessie Elland).

Because of these facts, viewers are certain they did not sleep together.

So, who is the father?

Well, for many Emmerdale fans, they think it’s Samson (Sam Hall).

If it’s Samson’s baby will that then make the name Samsonson? If it’s a boy? #emmerdale

‘Who’s the daddy? Noah? Jacob? Samson? Where’s Nate been these days?’, one fan wondered.

Please don’t let it be Samson’s baby Amelia is carrying, his one of the only Dingles who isn’t messed up. #emmerdale

Soooo Who is the daddy? Noah? Jacob? …Samson? Ffs where’s Nate been these days… #emmerdale

Amelia pregnant my money on Samson 😱 #Emmerdale

Another Twitter user said: ‘We definitely know Amelia hasn’t slept with Noah so it only leaves Samson. If it’s not him either, then who the hell is he?’

#Emmerdale we definitely know Emilia hasn’t slept with Noah so it only leaves Samson. If it’s not him either then who the hell is he? 🤔🤔🙄

#emmerdale who’s the daddy?

We don’t know the answer just yet, but could it be Samson?

Or someone completely unexpected?

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