Stranger Things fans in ‘floods of tears’ at shock death and cruel twist in season three finale

STRANGER Things fans have been left in shock and “floods of tears” at the death and cruel twist in season three finale.

The third series dropped on 4th July and has been cited as the best yet by viewers, although many have been left bereft by the loss of one of its much-loved characters.

The gory sci-fi show broke Netflix records after it racked up nearly 41million streams in just four days of being released.

Returning with fan favourites Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) at the helm, the third installment sees the gang tackle yet another monster from the Upside Down – but with tragic consequences.

And fans were not prepared for the devastating loss.

“No joke I was actually in floods of tears watching #StrangerThings final episode,” admitted one.


“Finished #StrangerThings Season 3. Amazing how it doesn't lose the pace season after season, the plot is never boring, the action is never poor. Now excuse me I need to wipe my tears,” wrote a second.

And a third added, “I cried all the tears of my body”

“the end of #StrangerThings got me to tears,” sobbed a fourth.

If you’re yet to reach the end of Stranger Things 3, there are spoilers ahead so look away now!

In the final episode, Jim Hopper – Eleven’s dad – and Joyce Byers try to destroy the machine that’s attempting to open a portal to the Upside Down.

However, the Big Bad Russian Terminator-type guy who has been tracking them, tackles the police chief and the two fight in the reactor room while Joyce watches from the safety of the operating room.

As Dustin urges them to quickly close the portal, Joyce shares a long, tragic, knowing glance with Hopper and turns the keys.

The machine explodes and a number of Russians get vaporized in the explosion.

It’s heavily implied that Hopper parishes in the explosion and the next time we see his face is in a newspaper clipping from an epilogue three months later.

There's a picture of him with the headline: "Hero Chief Dies in Fire."

If that’s not enough to make you sob your heart out, later on El reads a note from her adoptive father given to her by Joyce.

Written by Jim earlier in the season, he planned to use it as prep to explain to El about his feelings and boundaries regarding her boyfriend Mike.

Hopper says that El needs to grow and learn, and that he can’t try to keep her stuck in the past, even though moving forward will inevitably hurt.

“The hurt is good,” he writes. It means she can feel things.

It’s a message about coping with grief and then continuing on, and the fact that Hopper is unintentionally helping his daughter move past his own death, is especially moving.

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