'Sister Wives': Meri Brown is Finally Responding to Haters on Instagram

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, wants to make one thing very clear to her fans; she is allowed to do whatever she wants. Ever since the reality TV star’s big catfishing scandal came to light several years ago, fans have been digging into what is going on her social media profiles.

The mother of one has kept pretty quiet as rumors of problems in the family mounted. She’s been mum about the move from Nevada to Flagstaff and has even avoided discussing her alleged flirting with men via Instagram this past year. One fan, however, questioned Meri’s clothing choices and suddenly the gloves were off.

Meri’s Instagram post makes fans question her lifestyle

The Brown family practices polygamy for religious reasons. Raised in a sect of the Mormon faith, the family believes the principle of polygamy is a godly one. Not only do they follow the alternative lifestyle, but they tend to keep their clothing choices pretty modest, too. So, when Meri showed up on Instagram wearing shorts that showed a bit of leg, some fans got curious.

One fan asked the Lizzie Heritage Inn owner if she was allowed to show so much leg. Usually, Meri would let a comment like that slide, but apparently, she was feeling feisty, according to In Touch. She clapped back, informing her fanbase that she can, frankly, do whatever she wants, and is “allowed” to wear whatever she feels best in.

Meri’s been clapping back a lot lately

With Season 14 allegedly being filmed throughout the United States, Meri has gotten a bit more active on social media. That doesn’t mean she’s been playing nice with her followers though. After she commented back to a fan about her shorts, she further instigated her fanbase by replying to a few less-than-supportive comments on other snapshots.

One photo of Meri with her fellow sister wife, Robyn, incited some drama. Several fans have questioned whether Robyn was really into the entire concept of plural marriage and have even suggested the mother of three purposefully sabotaged Meri’s relationship with Kody. Meri, apparently, has no beef with the youngest wife of the family, though.

She took to the comment section of her Instagram page to let fans know that she’s perfectly wise, and while she appreciates their concern, she isn’t looking for advice. It should be noted that Meri is actually the one wife who seems to actively involve herself in picking new spouses for Kody. In the family’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wives, Meri admits to actively encouraging the romance between Robyn and Kody.

Fans think everything is a sign Meri is leaving her sister wives

Meri and her family have been through a lot over the years. Several moves, infighting and jealous eventually culminated in the famous catfishing scandal. While things seem to be back on track, rumors persist that Meri is only part of the Brown family for the show.

The rumors have gone on for so long, that fans are now taking everything the business owner does on social media as a sign that she’s defected. It seems that Meri is still very much involved with her sister wives and will be for the foreseeable future. If Meri’s posting history is any indication, she’ll probably continue clapping back at fans who suggest otherwise.

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