Simpsons predictions: What episode was Lisa Simpson president?

THE Simpsons fans are jokingly saying an episode of the series predicted Kamala Harris' inauguration outfit.

Since its debut in 1989, fans of The Simpsons believe the show has correctly "predicted" many future events.

What episode was Lisa Simpson president?

In The Simpsons episode Bart to the Future, which was aired on March 19, 2000, an adult Lisa Simpson is depicted as the incoming president of the United States.

Like Joe Biden and Harris, Lisa was also elected in the wake of Donald Trump's presidency, claiming her administration inherited "quite a budget crunch" from him.

Why do fans say the Simpsons predicted Kamala Harris' inauguration outfit?

In the episode fans were quick to point out that Lisa's presidential outfit was similar to that worn by Harris at Wednesday's inauguration ceremony.

On January 20, Harris was sworn in as vice president to Biden, and she was wearing a purple coat, and topped off with a pearly neckless.

In The Simpsons episode, Lisa is also seen wearing a similar purple suit and a pearl neckless.

What events have The Simpsons 'predicted'?

There have been several predictions over the years that The Simpsons have seemingly got correct, with some even claiming the show predicted coronavirus as early as 1993.

Successful predictions by the show include the Capitol riots, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime show and an old John Lewis advert.

There are more predictions for years to come, including Ivanka Trump running for president and a digital Big Ben.

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