Sex abuse torment, death dilemma and 8 more Corrie spoilers

There is trauma afoot in Coronation Street as Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is forced to face his past abuse as he comes face to face with his evil stepdad Kel – but can Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) be the rock that he needs?

There is also heartbreak for long suffering Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) as her health deteriorates and puts enormous pressure on her marriage to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) as he struggles to be there for her.

And another person facing a health crisis is Ali Neeson (James Burrows) as he continues to battle a painkiller addiction – can Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) be the one to help him?

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Paul struggles to cope when he comes face to face with Kel.
  • Toyah tells Ali she is there to talk to any time that he needs.
  • An ailing Sinead accuses Daniel of wanting her to die.
  • Gary is seething to see Derek getting close to Izzy.
  • James offers a shoulder to cry on for Bethany.
  • Paul pushes Billy away as he tries desperately to help.
  • Sinead makes a decision about her chemotherapy.
  • Steve is touched when Emma refers to him as dad for the first time.
  • James admits to Bethany that he is gay when she makes a pass at him.
  • Daniel gets worse for wear and collapses into the decks at the Baileys’ party.

Monday 16th September Part One

Paul is disgusted to hear that Bernie is back with Kel and determines to get rid of them both. Later, he comes face to face with Kel in the Rovers and Kel catches up with him alone and asserts that what they had between them in the past was special.

Sinead considers her options at the hospice but Daniel is adamant that he wants to care for her at home. Ali slips out of the flat while Ryan tries to support him with his addiction. Sparks fly between Izzy and Derek while Jenny makes a fuss of Adam and Aggie wants to throw a housewarming party.

Monday 16th September Part Two

Ali struggles to conceal his symptoms and Toyah offers him support after picking up on something being wrong with him. He tries to push things aside but she tells him that she is always available to talk to if she he needs it.

Bernie blames Paul when Kel leaves and when Billy learns about the tension that exploded when Paul was 14, he puts the pieces together and tries to help Paul open up but he doesn’t want him involved.

Daniel struggles to cope as Sinead becomes progressively more sick while Aggie pushes through with her plans for the party despite what Ed has said. Derek learns that Gary is the father of Izzy’s son.

Wednesday 18th September Part One

Sinead’s sickness continues and Daniel is at a loss over how to help her and, exhausted, she becomes too ill to look after Bertie. When Sinead continues to be groggy, Daniel broaches the subject of her stopping he chemotherapy.

Audrey tackles Bethany over her feelings for Daniel and James acts as a shoulder to cry on for her – before claiming to Ed and Michael that he has a date with her. Sean tells Paul that Billy is worried about him while Ryan wants Ali to attend a support group and Derek asks to meet with Izzy.

Wednesday 18th September Part Two

Sinead accuses Daniel of wanting her to die earlier because he can’t cope so he tries to escape the atmosphere at home by heading to work. Later, as Beth brushes Sinead’s hair, it starts to fall out. She reaches the decision to try one more round of chemotherapy.

Bethany goes for a drink with James and agrees to go to the party with him. David makes Billy realise that he can’t put pressure on Paul but Paul then accuses him of abandoning him. Toyah recommends professional help to Ali.

Derek confides in Izzy that he has a drink problem.

Friday 20th September Part One

Aggie throws her partyand Ed is surprised while Dee Dee fails to show up, which doesn’t come as a surprise to Michael. As Daniel hits the bottle and lashes out at Bethany, she seeks solace in James but when she tries to kiss him, he confides in her that he is gay.

Gary arrives back and finds out that Derek has been offering rent reductions in his absence. Daniel’s behaviour gets out of control as he gets drunk and takes a swing at Michael while Paul sees Bernie back with Kel.

Izzy and Derek go on a date while Shona learns that Max has walked out of school.

Friday 20th September Part Two

Gary is threatening towards Derek for signing paperwork without him and then gets nasty about his closeness to Izzy, ordering him to cut off any bond with her. As Derek lets Izzy down, she sees right through it.

James confides in Bethany about why he hasn’t come out but she has a suggestion for him. Daniel breaks down and sobs in Adam’s arm over Sinead while Emma introduces Steve to the footballers as her dad.

Paul lays into Chesney for not throwing Bernie out while Max argues with Shona and storms away from her.

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