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THE truth is slowly catching up with Stu Carpenter this week as he reunites with his daughter Bridget.

But the former homeless man is reluctant to share everything with Yasmeen Nazir. Get the lowdown on all the Coronation Street drama.

1. Stu hides a dark secret

Actor Bill Fellows has warned all ITV viewers – Stu Carpenter is definitely hiding something which could shock them to the core.

This week, Yasmeen Nazir (portrayed by Shelley King) takes it upon herself to bring them together but Stu is furious and berates for interfering.

He's not pleased to discover she has even found Bridget's new address as he kept sending gifts to her old home.

Kelly Neelan gets involved and urges Stu to give it a try and he agrees, albeit reluctantly.

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He arrives at Bridget's doorstep and knocks but she immediately panics, ordering him to leave.

Heartbroken, Stu begs her to hear him out and assures her that he never hurt anyone – but what is he referring to?

Will he tell Yasmeen about the failed reunion?

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Kevin is shocked to find out his sonis having a rough time in schoolCredit: ITV

2. Jack gets bullied

Meanwhile, as his wife Abi set to return to the cobbles with her baby Alfie, Kevin (played by Michael Le Vell) can't help but feel under pressure.

To make matters more troubling, his son Jack (Kyran Bowes) is having trouble in school.

Kevin wants to attend Jack’s end of year presentation but Tyrone Dobbs says that Stephen Reid's (Todd Boyce) Jaguar needs sorting first.

While in class, Jack is being called "Spanner" for having two fathers working as mechanics which stems from his birth as he was first believed to be Tyrone's son.

Jack retaliates by punching Nathan – and his father Kevin gets a call from school about the fight.

The eleven-year-old explains how Nathan ridiculed him after finding out Tyrone initially believed he was his father.

Knowing Kevin has a lot on his plate, his apprentice Aaron covers for him and works on Stephen's car, much to his colleague's relief.

A row between Kevin and Jack ensues at No.13 and the young boy admits he's not looking forward to Abi's return as he feels neglected.

In later scenes, Jack is sullen to see Kevin trying to impress Chloe, the social worker, who pays them a visit to question him about Abi and Alfie.

But the pressure soon gets too much for Kevin.

3. Kevin smashes up a car

As his car is said to be all fixed and ready, Stephen goes to the garage to pick it up after Aaron finishes the job.

But he soon comes back fuming when the vehicle breaks down.

Unfortunately, young Aaron takes a call and rushes off, leaving Kevin to deal with Stephen.

But as he sets about fixing the car, Jack and then Abi call him as Stephen threatens to take his business elsewhere.

Kevin loses his temper and, in a blind frustration, he picks up a wrench and starts smashing up Stephen's car.

When Abi (Sally Carman) calls at No.13, flinging her arms around Kevin and telling him how much she's looking forward to moving back home, Kevin can't bring himself to tell her about the recent events and masks his anxiety.

But he's unable to escape the consequences of his actions.

As he prepares for Abi's homecoming, he is met with two police officers at the door.

4. Debbie launches a plan

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Debbie Webster has two weeks to pay the Baileys £30k as compensation for Ed getting electrocuted.

But the businesswoman portrayed by Sue Devaney is finding it hard to get her hands on the money.

She talks to Ed's brother (and her partner) Ronnie about her struggles to find the cash.

Ronnie suggests she should to themed nights at the Bistro, prompting her to put up posters for "Psychic Night" and "Casino Night."

But a disapproving Leanne Battersby (portrayed by Jane Danson) watches on.

Later on, as Debbie and Ronnie set up for "Psychic Night", Leanne worries that they're conning vulnerable people out of their hard-earned money.

Debbie then admits to Ronnie the extent of her financial woes and reveals she only has two options – bankruptcy or taking on an insurance job.

However, Ronnie remains optimistic, assure her it won't ever come to that.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) soon inspires Debbie to come up with a plan.

During "Psychic Night", Ryan tells the psychic that he has debt coming out of his ears.

What will Debbie do?

5. Aaron drops a bombshell on Summer

After cheating on her exams, as she desperately tried to get into Oxford, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) makes a huge decision about her future.

She first tells a disappointed Billy that she's definitely not going to university, preparing herself instead to look for a job.

Jacob Hay offers to put in a good word for her at the Underworld factory.

Summer gets an interview and, soon enough, Carla Connor hires her as a PA.

Nervous, Summer starts work at the factory as Beth Tinker makes snide remarks and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) does her best to her at ease.

But while all seems relatively well, she gets a shock when her new love interest Aaron (James Craven) tells her that he was jumped on by some lads on his way home.

Aaron shows her his bruises and Summer is shocked beyond words.

Could this have a link to the mysterious phone call he received in the garage?

6. Audrey has an overdose

Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) was brought into hospital in recent episodes of the ITV soap.

This week, viewers will finally know why her health was at risk in the first place.

After recently leaving the cobbles, due to Sarah and David's aversion for him, Stephen Reid comes back to see his mother.

This is bound to help Audrey as it's clear she may be feeling lower tha actually expected, unbeknownst to everyone around her.

Coming up, hospital psychiatry liaison officer Becky visits the hairdresser.

By gently questioning Audrey, Becky reveals she's taken too many sleeping pills.

Later on, Audrey heads out of the hospital and is delighted to get a phone call from her son Stephen who informs her of his return to the cobbles.

But the remaining members of Audrey's family are still unaware of what she's gone through.

This changes quickly – in the Rovers, Audrey's granddaughter Sarah (Tina O'Brien) is concerned when Ed Bailey lets slip he saw Audrey in the hospital.

In later scenes at the Bistro, an apologetic Audrey tells her grandson Nick (Ben Price) that she's sorry for messing them all around as she's aware they meant well.

She then admits she doesn't want to reopen her hair salon.

What is going on with Audrey?

7. Sally is disturbed by Tim's behaviour

Weatherfield couple Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and his wife Sally have gone through many obstacles in recent months.

But they're set for more tense moments this week.

Coming up, Sally is exhausted after putting up with another night of her husband's tossing and turning.

But the cabbie has a suggestion the following day to make it up to her.

Tim offers to attend the Bistro's Casino Night with his wife and suggests they dress up for the evening.

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Will it go according to plan?

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