Scarlett Johansson on Twin Brother's Charity, Which Helps First Responders: He Makes Me 'Better'

They’re twins, but Scarlett Johansson has always looked up to her brother Hunter.

The 35-year-old siblings work together with Solar Responders, which Hunter founded to aid first responders after natural disasters and other emergencies. The group equips stations with solar panels — including in Puerto Rico, where Hurricane Maria wiped out the power grid.

“If there is a truly altruistic person I know in my life, it’s my brother,” she tells PEOPLE in the latest issue, on stands Friday. “He reminds me to be a better person all the time. I’m incredibly proud of him.”

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A year ago, Johansson, along with fiancé Colin Jost, spent time in Puerto Rico with Hunter to help install solar panels at a fire station. Now, the Black Widow actress is leading a fundraising effort at the charity site Omaze to support her brother’s work.

“The organization empowers communities to take charge of their own destiny, so they’re not reliant on others to save them,” Johansson adds. “He’s very pragmatic — he takes the time to make sure the work he’s doing is efficient.”

The night will include the Los Angeles premiere of Black Widow, entrance to the film’s afterparty and a chance to take shots of vodka with the actress — unless fans are under 21 or don’t drink, in which case Johansson will make the ultimate sacrifice and take theirs for them (flights and a 4-star hotel are included).

Fans who want to spend the night hanging out with the Marvel star can enter at

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