Saved By The Bell cast: Who stars in the new series and where is Screech?

SATURDAY mornings in the late 80s and early 90s just wouldn't have been the same without Zack Morris and the gang in Saved By The Bell.

The show first kicked off in 1989 and made stars of actors like Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez.

Who is in the cast of Saved By The Bell reboot?

The original Saved By The Bell ran for four seasons until 1993.

After that we had two spin-offs – The College Years and The New Class.

The 2020 series will centre around a new group of students who have been transferred to Bayside High as part of a plan by now-California Governor Zack Morris.

The good news is, the reboot is bringing back our favourite original cast, with some new faces as well.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris

Mark, who is now 46, will reprise his role of former Bayside High student Zack.

In the orginal series, heartthrob Zack was known for his mop of blonde hair and cheeky attitude to life, who's main goal was to play pranks on Principal Belding.

These days the character is now Governor of California, and married to Kelly Kapowski with a son called Mac, who is a student at Bayside.

In real life, actor Mark has managed to keep the work coming in since his Saved By The Bell Days and has appeared in shows like Mix-ish and Franklin and Bash.

Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano

In the orginal series Jessie was known as the bookworm who was the object of A.C. Slater's affection.

Nowadays, Jessie is mum to Jamie and a Guidance Counsellor at Bayside High.

After Saved By The Bell, actress Elizabeth, now 48, swapped the small screen for film and appeared in the racy film Showgirls and 90s classic First Wives Club.

Since then she has come back to TV and had roles in New Girl, The L Word and Melissa and Joey.

Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater

Who can forget A.C. Slater with his mullet of curly black hair and bulging biceps.

He was intially brought in to be Zack's rival but the pair soon became firm friends.

In the reboot, A.C. is now a PE teacher and coach at Bayside High.

In real life, actor Mario, now 47, has become a big TV host as is known as the face of entertainment show Extra.

He has also presented the US X Factor and Dancing With The Stars.

Ed Alonzo as Max

Every Saved By The Bell fan will known that The Max is where the gang head everyday after school.

Although the owner Max wasn't in the show all the time, he is a familiar face to fans.

In real life he is played by actor Ed Alonzo who is also known for being a magician.

In 2009 he worked with Britney Spears to create illusions for her The Circus Tour.

Who are the new Saved By The Bell cast members?

  • Haskiri Velazquez as Daisy – a smart, ambitious sophomore who is excited at the prospect of attending Bayside High after her local school gets shut down.
  • Mitchell Hoog as Mac Morris – the handsome, charming, privileged son of Governor Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski.
  • Josie Totah as Lexi – a sharp-tongued cheerleader.
  • Alycia Pascual-Peña as Aisha – Daisy’s fun-loving but ultracompetitive best friend who causes a stir when she tries to play football at Bayside.
  • Belmont Cameli as Jamie Spano – captain of the Bayside football team and Jessie’s sensitive man-child son.
  • Dexter Darden as Devante – is the new boy at Bayside High.
  • John Michael Higgins as Principal Toddman – who took over Mr. Belding's role as the head of Bayside High.

Will any of the other original Saved By The Bell cast be in the new series?

The new series will be filled with lots of great guests stars and familar faces.

This includes Tiffani Thiessen, who will reprise her role of Kelly Kapowski, who is Mac's mother and of course Zack's wife.

Lark Voorhies will also return to the show as the sassy Lisa Turtle.

Both actresses will just being guest starring on the show though.

Where is Screech?

The original Saved By The Bell just wouldn't have been the same without the hapless Screech.

But after the show ended, unlike many of co-stars, actor Dustin Diamond failed to continue a career in TV.

In 2006 he famously dircted and starred in a porn video, which saw him have sex with two women.

Then in December of 2014, Dustin was arrested in Wisconsin for possession of a switchblade knife, which he was alleged to have pulled on a man during a bar altercation.

In May 2015, Dustin was convicted on two misdemeanours: carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

In June 2015, the actor was sentenced to four months in prison.

Dustin will not be appearing in the Saved By The Bell reboot.

When is Saved By The Bell back on TV?

Unfortunately the show is yet to get an air date for the UK.

However in the US, you can stream it on Peacock.

It will drop on the site on November 25, 2020.

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