Ross Kemp tapped into tragic death to nail iconic EastEnders' Sharongate scenes

Ross Kemp has remembered the battle of filming the now iconic EastEnders Sharongate episode- and revealed that he tapped into a tragic loss in order to keep crying. 

The breathtaking iconic episode, which initially aired in October 1994, saw brothers Grant (Ross Kemp) clash with brother Phil (Steve McFadden) over sleeping with his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean). 

After outing his cheating spouse via a recording of her confession, which played out to the packed Queen Vic pub, the brutish brothers ended up talking with their fists, before Grant breaks down. 

The episode lives on as one of the most defining EastEnders scandals of all time, and talking on The One Show, Ross revealed it was brutal trying to keep the emotions at such a high level. 

Speaking to Alex Jones and Gethin Jones, he explained: ‘That was manufactured by me, it wasn’t in the bottle. So we had a snot continuity problem. So I had to go off in the corner and cry a bit more, using my emotional recall. 

‘My granddad had just passed, so I was sort of using that to get myself in the mood. But everyone was so helpful, everyone was really kind.’

‘In those days, you shot scenes as one so like 12 page scenes you just shot them as one. You could do it in those days,’ he added.

Over the upcoming weeks, EastEnders is re-airing some of the most defining moments in the show’s history in order to accommodate the series being taken off air due to coronavirus.

The Sharongate episode follows the Christmas Day special in which Den Watts served Angie her divorce papers.

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