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Rise and Fall continues to air on Channel 4 as the original 16 hopefuls are whittled down to one final winner. They have all gone to great lengths to climb the power ladder without being eliminated at the top. Marina Pownall was one of the latest to leave and she spoke to Express.co.uk about her team’s decision. 

Marina had made her way up to Ruler in the competition but was eliminated from the penthouse and lost her place in the game. 

She received the most elimination votes after James and Connor turned on her as part of a shock move.

Speaking to Express.co.uk she said she was most taken aback by James, saying: “I was the most surprised by James’ decision to vote me out as when we had an open discussion he didn’t even mention me or my weaknesses.

“However, it is survival of the fittest in that Red Room and it is incredibly difficult when making the choice, and he had to do what he had to do.”

When asked about other alliances formed within the group, she added: “I think other contestants have definitely formed alliances and strategies to get to the top, it’s part of the game.

“But as I found out they do not always go to plan.”

Connor also changed his mind at the last minute to vote for Marina, but she was still grateful to have risen. 

She said: “I was incredibly humbled to be the first-ever riser on the show.

“I didn’t expect to get so much support from my fellow grafters and then to be chosen by the rulers as I had incredibly tough competition with Connor!”

Expanding on James and Connor’s votes she said: “I was surprised about James’s vote especially because he didn’t voice any concerns when we had the open debate, but I know he’s a fantastic Ruler and I respect his decision.

“Connor obviously was a shock because he didn’t vote for me and then at the last minute changed his decision when it came down to the tiebreak. I support their decision, someone had to go.”

Despite being voted off she said she would not have done anything differently. 

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“Obviously, it was a risk for me to go up first because I know I had a higher chance of being eliminated but, in life, I know you have to take every opportunity as it comes so I’m very proud of my decisions,” she said just after her exit. 

On why she thought she was chosen, she explained: “I think one of the reasons why they leaned more towards me than Matt is that meant they’d have two original Rulers and two original Grafters and I think that makes a really strong team.

“Obviously Matt and I did the overtime shift together and Matt made the correct decision to earn the most money there.

“I came with a strategic point of view but that day it wasn’t the right move and I think that affected the overall decision.”

Two of the latest arrivals on the show include Paralympic badminton player Isaak and personal trainer Moses.

Of those who have previously been eliminated, Prince and Rishika have left the competition.

Greg James hosts the series, which sees the contestants compete to rise to a position of power and win up to £100,000. 

Rise and Fall airs at 10pm Monday-Friday on Channel 4

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