Richard Madeley couldnt care less over Alan Partridge comparison

Richard Madeley disagrees with guest who has called on women to stop having babies in their 40s

Richard Madeley’s arrival on ITV’s Good Morning Britain was met with some backlash from viewers.

He has been accused of making ‘out of touch’ comments on a number of occasions, sparking outrage during debates.

Earlier in 2023 he denied he was “sacked” from GMB following a short absence, as he explained he had suffered a painful injury following an accident.

As publications speculated he had been fired, he was keen to set the record straight.

The presenter has now spoken out against comparisons to Steve Coogan’s comedy character, Alan Partridge.

Richard replaced Piers Morgan as Susanna Reid’s co-host and has since been compared to the fictional broadcaster.

Speaking to The Guardian, he hit back at the jibe, saying: “I couldn’t care less about the Alan Partridge comparisons.

“Taking yourself seriously is daft. I do the best I can, so please say what you like about me. Be nice, nasty or take the p***. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

He went on to recall how a member of the public had called him out on his interview technique.

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He added: “Walking alone on a path in Cornwall, a man appeared in front of me. In a thick Brummie accent he said ‘Everything you’ve ever done or said – and say or will do – I loathe and despise’.

“I found it hysterical. He seemed confused as to why. Being conversational is the secret to a good interview.

“I rarely prepare questions, and think ‘What would I ask if we’d just met on a train?'”

Speaking on Kate Thornton’s podcast, White Wine Question Time, he addressed his future on the morning show.

“Who knows how long that’ll go on for?” he said. “I’m doing it month to month at the moment and I’m very happy to.

“I quite like operating at that level, I’ve had my main career curve. I’m not seeking some huge career arc, we’ll see what happens. But I enjoy it, I enjoy doing it.”

Earlier in April he sparked backlash for his comments about Afro hair, with viewers calling him “out of touch” and “ignorant”.

Guest Jurelle Jules had applied for a job at The Ritz but found out he was banned from having an Afro.

When Richard claimed he was unaware of the wider issue, viewers took to Twitter to hit out at him.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays on ITV from 6am

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