Richard Hammond confronted with a shark 'like a school bus' filming new show

Richard Hammond had another near miss after coming face to face with a huge shark while filming his new series The Great Escapists.

The Grand Tour star is used to getting into life-threatening scrapes, and it happened once again on the desert island where Richard was stranded with Mythbusters’ Tory Belleci for the Amazon adventure series.

He told The Mirror how he feared for his life when they were faced with a shark ‘the size of a school bus’ after their makeshift raft ran into ‘some issues’ in the water.

Richard and Tory were terrified they would become a ‘tasty morsel’ for the creature.

However they were able to narrowly avoid it by clambering onto the film crew’s boat nearby.

‘We both got out of the water pretty quickly’ Richard shared, ‘we’re very brave and very tough and survived.’

The Great Escapists will reveal how they manage to survive both nature – and each other – while stranded on the island as they desperately try to get back to civilisation.

Speaking to and other outlets ahead of the series launch, Richard explained: ‘What we wanted to pick up on all the sort of tropes of Castaway type movies, which is why we wanted to give a nod to all of those. I mean essentially the show is a pop-science show – it’s about science and the engineering, but we wanted to make it as easily digestible, and as accessible, as possible.

‘We had a lot of fun with it, so we sort of dramatize the whole thing, gave it a big story that arcs across the whole series, so that every single build is motivated by something, which means there’s a reason why we’re trying to do whatever we’re setting out to do. ‘I think once you’ve got that excuse for what it is that you’re doing it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is.’

‘Being stuck on a desert island with Richard Hammond, you do tend to fall into pits of insanity here and there!’ Tory added.

The Great Escapists launches January 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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