Richard Hammond circled by a shark in terrifying moment on new Amazon Prime show

Top Gear legend Richard Hammond has told Good Morning Britain viewers how he and his TV crew were left fearing the worst after a shark circled him while filming his new TV series.

Richard, 51, was shooting Amazon Prime's The Great Escapists on a deserted island last year when the terrifying moment took place.

Speaking to GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Jeremy Clarkson' s colleague said: "One of the tasks was to try and get off the island and we built a raft.

"We went out to sea in it and the only way to power it was burning wood and feed it to the engine but then we ran out of wood so we than had to burn the raft to power the raft.

"In the end we jumped off and then someone on filming raft behind us shouted 'shark'.

"I had time to look down and see this thing below me."

Luckily, the shark wasn't as deadly as Hammond and the crew first feared.

He continued: "Then someone shouted 'Whale shark' and they don't eat people.

"But I could have been like a piece of krill… I could have been a goner."

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Talking about filming the show in the middle of pandemic, Richard said: "We haven't done anything brave or really tough… it's more a bit of fun.

"I wanted to do something in the pop science base as I love a bit of science and making it fun.

"We wanted to find a way to dress that up – an environment where I would need to solve everyday problems with science."

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Through his TV career, Hammond has been left battered and bruised and even fighting for his life after stunts went wrong.

Most notably in 2006 he was left seriously injured in a car crash while filming Top Gear.

Hammond was testing out a jet-powered are which can travel at speeds of 370mph.

However, in horrifying scenes, one of the tyres failed causing the vehicle to flip.

He was airlifted to hospital after suffering a brain injury.

Asked by Piers Morgan what he has learned over the year from his near death experiences, Hammond replied: "I don't to know it sound big and philosophical, I am a TV presenter but it did make me look at things differently.

"Like with things we have looked at during the pandemic.

"Last year we released we don't just meet up for a chat enough, not going out, just a chat."

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