'RHOP': Robyn Dixon Slams Trolls Spreading Rumors She's Been Fired, Said They Come From 'Non-Credible Sources'

Robyn Dixon from The Real Housewives of Potomac has had enough of the rumors that she’s been fired from the show. She shot back at trolls saying their gossip was nonsense.

Dixon shared a screenshot of comments she’s received and had a sharp response to each remark. “Fired.” One person wrote. Dixon replied, “Sorry you get your news from non-credible sources.”

When another person expressed happiness they thought Dixon was fired, she responded with, “Don’t get too excited.” Other comments were hateful and extremely offensive. Dixon did not specifically state that she was not fired. She also did not confirm she was leaving or remaining on the series.

Where did the rumor start that she was fired?

Monique Samuels made huge news when she first shared she was not fired from the show, but later revealed she had quit. Dixon’s rumor came to light after Wendy Osefo was on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast and the podcast Instagram feed blew up about the interview.

Podcast host David Yontef hinted that his sources indicated Dixon was leaving the show in an Instagram thread after a commenter wondered if Dixon was staying or leaving.

“Well the thing is that’s the rumor but is it confirmed – personally we don’t think so,” Yontef wrote. “It seems that way but according to us – it’s NOT yet confirmed – but yea we think so. It kinda makes sense. Think about it – Gizelle without Robin? GAME F’ing ON!!”

Fans believe Robyn Dixon’s end of the season post teased her exit

Like many Housewives, Dixon shared an “end of the season” statement on Instagram that raised a few eyebrows. “I am a few days late with this post but I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of RHOP season 5!!!” Dixon started her post. Adding, “Personally, it has been a privilege and blessing to share my life with you all.

Of course, the post lit up with comments about her rumored departure. One person wondered if the post was a “Happy New Year” or an exit post. “It’s just a thank you for watching and supporting season 5,” Dixon replied. “Nothing more, nothing less. I’m happy you love your hat, thank you for your purchase!”

She also replied to a fan that the rumors that she left the show is from “non credible” sources.

Yontef also thought Dixon’s Instagram statement hinted at her departure too. “We hope to know soon but the IG statement leads me to think we are correct,” he replied to a follower wondering if she left the show.

He added, “After we broke that story – that post went right up. I think she wanted to get ahead of the story. No one believed us a few days ago. Although it’s still NOT 100 confirmed.” 

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