'RHONY's' Bethenny Frankel is Upping Her Exercise Routine

Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel obviously takes good care of her appearance. Yet as much as the Skinnygirl founder takes the time to look her best, she’s never placed exercise as a big priority. Though now, her recent Tweets may reveal that there’s been a shift.

Not a huge fan of workouts

When Frankelspoke to Talk Stoop on Bravo about some misconceptions fans mayhave of her, one of them was how much emphasis she places on exercise. “I don’t exercisethat much, which people think that I do. I think there’s a lot of things peoplethink about me that are probably not accurate,” she said.

Frankel was asked in a 2017 interview for Health if she practiced hot yoga. “I barely do regular, but I definitely don’t do hot. I haven’t been exercising that much lately because I always think that sleep is more important. And my daughter and work are coming first,” she said. “I don’t have time to exercise. I could always stay thin, but I’d like to be fit. But what happens is if I go for four days to a spa, I’ll work out for four days. It comes back. But I have to get a rhythm, and it’s hard right now. I want to be a great mom and spend a lot of time with Bryn, and I’d never take an hour away from her to work out.”

Twitter honesty

Frankel is a frequent user of Twitter, posting abouteverything from what shows to binge-watch to her personal feelings on importantissues. She has also let her attitude toward exercise be known in her tweets.

“I DO NOT wish to exercise… and this has been my sentiment for well over a month. I wish to make popular the flabby skinny look. I choose sleep & television & snuggling…. & maybe a tiny bit of sex,” Frankel tweeted in June 2018.

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More recently, this June she posted, “I will ALWAYSchoose sleep over exercise,” and “I hesitate to tell you today is the day I work on getting in shape. I know I’m a“skinnygirl” but I don’t exercise regularly. I walk the beach & do yogawhen I can & sometimes more in spurts when not w Bryn. Debating taking thisthing to the next level.”

It looks like she just did. This week, Frankel seems to be having a change of heart on the importance of exercise, issuing a challenge to her followers. “Ok…so from now until Sept 15, we all… make a significant fitness change. Let’s aim for 4 days a week/ 45 mins-do something! For the food part, read “Naturally Thin.” Believe me, that part is easy. But I’ll give you tips every day. For today, let’s commit to the fitness. U in?” She followed up with suggestions – some more interesting than others, posting, “And I don’t care if you walk or yoga or ride a bike or roller skate or swim or trampoline w your kids or SEX . Aim for 45 mins of doing some movement 4x a week.”

You can be sure many of her followers are joining her on this new mission.

Frankel’s take on diets

Her book “Naturally Thin” came out in 2009 and focused on getting people to change habits and basically, think like a thin person. One of Frankel’s goals in writing the book was to get people to stop dieting and instead think of food in a different way. Much of her premise was based on her own experiences with food.

“I grew up eating quality food but ina very obsessive household about being thin and eating disorders. Food was anobsession in my house—out to restaurants every night—but then so was dieting.When I was in my 30s, I just unlocked the safe. I figured out how dietingdoesn’t work,” Frankel told Health. “I’d been on every diet and it took me all thoseyears to realize: Diets are hopeless.”

Along with her exercise challenge, Frankel just posted some reminders from her book, saying, “In “naturally thin,” I refer to good & bad investment foods bc eating is like spending. Indulge but hold back after a splurge & you can have more of healthy food & less of unhealthy. You’re not good if you didn’t eat nor bad if you did. Food isn’t a friend or enemy. DON’T BINGE.”

One follower asked Frankel for advice, saying she was extremely “literal.” The reality star kept it simple but strong, tweeting, “Don’t be. I used to be. No extremes.”

Stay tuned to Frankel’s Twitter feed to follow her on this new fitness venture!

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