Rebekah Vardy 'launches investigation to expose mole in her circle' after Coleen Rooney claims in Wagatha court battle

REBEKAH Vardy is "determined" to find out who the alleged mole is in her inner circle that has been talking to Coleen Rooney behind her back.

The Sun revealed last week that Coleen has a spy in Rebekah Vardy’s camp who is now her secret weapon in their Wagatha Christie legal battle.

She told friends the insider was “extremely close” to Becky.

Coleen, 34, reckons the mole’s evidence could be key against Becky, 38, who is suing her over claims she leaked stories about her.

But now Becky is keen to do her own investigating and is shocked that someone in her inner circle could be conspiring against her.

"Becky is furious and is determined to find out who is chatting behind her back," a source told TUSEN.

“She wants to know what’s going on and what Coleen supposedly has on her."

The source added: “The past few months have been incredibly stressful for Becky and it all came out of nowhere. But Becky remains totally determined to get a full apology.

 "She knows there is a danger that this could get very complicated, but she won’t be intimidated or pushed around by anyone, let alone Coleen.”

The pair are set for last-ditch peace talks. But last night a source said: “Coleen has a big reveal which she intends to use if this gets to court.”

Sources say the insider is prepared to oppose Becky in court amid claims that she leaked stories about Coleen to the Press.

The twist comes as the pair prepare for late peace talks aimed at resolving their bitter dispute.

But a source said last week: “Coleen is prepared for anything. She has loads of strong evidence, including statements, and is planning to call witnesses if this goes all the way to trial.

“Coleen also has a big reveal up her sleeve which she intends to use if this gets to court. Her team has an inside man extremely close to Rebekah who is willing to talk.”

Becky is suing Coleen for libel damages over claims that she had leaked stories about the wife of England legend Wayne.

But Charlotte Harris, of Becky’s legal firm Kingsley Napley, said: “There can be no ‘mystery witness' to something that did not happen.

“The simple fact is that Rebekah Vardy did not leak Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram posts and nothing can change that.”

The warring wags have until February 8 to reach a settlement — or dig in for a five-day libel hearing next year.

Becky, wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, 33, took an early lead in their battle at the High Court last week.

A judge ruled Coleen’s post in October 2019 detailing her detective work to uncover the source of leaked stories did point the finger directly at Becky.

He dismissed arguments from Coleen’s legal team that her 230-word post was, in fact, aimed at those in control of Becky’s Instagram account. And he ordered Coleen to pay Becky’s £22,913.50 legal costs for the hearing.

The ruling means Coleen must prove Becky alone was responsible for the leaks to the media if she is to successfully defend the lawsuit.

Becky denies being the leak and is seeking aggravated damages for libel and costs.

She is set to submit her formal “reply” to Coleen’s defence in the next fortnight.

The pair will then go for mediation in a bid to thrash out a deal that satisfies both parties.

The summit could even go ahead before Christmas.

Last night, a spokesman for Coleen said: “A number of people have been in touch with Coleen to offer support and information.

“She remains as confident as she always has been of winning her case, should it ever reach a full court hearing — something she has never wanted.”

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