Prince Harry brutally tells Meghan Markle she 'f***ed up being a princess' in outrageous scene from The Prince

HBO cartoon series The Prince showed Prince Harry taking a vicious swipe at wife Meghan Markle "wanted to be a princess."

Created by Family Guy writer Gary Janetti, The Prince follows Prince George's imagined time in Kensington Palace alongside parents William and Kate and other royal family members.

The show pokes fun at the royals and most of the family members.

HBO's controversial cartoon series previously mocked Meghan's feud with Kate Middleton.

The series has ridiculed her again as the Duke of Sussex makes a withering dig at Meghan over her "wanting to be a princess"

In a scene from the third episode, cartoon Meghan and Harry were reading lines from a script and Meghan talked about her acting career.

She said: "This sucks. On Suits I was a series regular. Attorney at law!"

Harry asked: "Wasn't she a paralegal the first six seasons?"

Meghan replied: "I don't know" and the pair discuss their childhood dreams.

Harry confessed that he wanted to be a massage therapist when he was younger.

He said: "You never had a dream when you were a child to be something everything else said was impossible, like an astronaut or prime minister, or masseur?"

Meghan responded: "Ah… I wanted to be a princess."

To which Harry then savagely said: "Oh, well you kind of f***ed that up."

Following the release of the show, it was met with both praise and criticism following the use of Prince George as their main character.

"Bottom line, children are off limits," women's rights activist and author Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu said on Good Morning Britain.

“Creating a parody to poke fun at an 8-year-old is not funny. It’s uncalled for, and it goes against our collective sense of responsibility.”

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