Power showrunner teases ‘return’ for Ghost and Proctor in ‘special’ episodes

Power: Omari Hardwick reveals he saw 'the fate' of the show

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For six seasons, fans tuned into the Starz series Power to follow the criminal exploits of Omari Hardwick’s James St Patrick. As his family life crumbled around him, the stakes grew immensely and the series became a beloved, action-packed hit. After three spin-offs were announced, showrunner Kemp is teasing the expansion of the Power universe further, as well as some special episodes which could see the return of some fan-favourite characters.

Power fans were distraught as they witnessed Ghost being shot by his son Tariq (played by Michael Rainey Jr), later dying in the arms of best friend Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

His wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton), sadly, didn’t make it to the scene in time but took the fall for her son.

Despite last being seen on his nightclub floor with a gunshot wound in his chest, many are hoping Ghost could make a return sometime in the future.

Showrunner Courtney Kemp could be making that happen sooner than audiences think, as she has big plans for Ghost’s future.

She told Entertainment Weekly her plans which will include: “A Better Call Saul-type story centred on Ghost’s lawyer Joe Proctor [Jerry Ferrara]; one-off movies; a Christmas special.”

Fans should be ecstatic to hear she even “has a plan for the dearly departed Ghost”.

Will Ghost and Proctor’s return in a prequel special to further explore their relationship?

The showrunner had previously described Ghost’s death as the “saddest ending of a television show ever”.

So it is no wonder Kemp wants to plan a return for Ghost and Proctor.

Proctor was vital to Ghost’s criminal enterprise as he frequently provided the crime boss with intel and advice about his drug dealing scheme.

However, the character was brutally murdered by Tommy in season six, so the special episodes featuring the two characters will certainly be an interesting exploration.

Kemp also discussed the spin-offs and how she hopes the Starz series will continue to grow.

The second spin-off, titled Power Book II: Ghost, follows the traumatic events of Power’s season six finale.

Power Book II has already aired its first season and follows Tariq in college as he tries to navigate his father’s world while desperately attempting to set his mother free from prison.

A second season is already on the way for the sequel series, as well as two other spin-offs, Power Book III: Raising Kanan and Power Book IV: Force.

“I have no doubt that Kanan and Force are going to be huge hits,” remarked Kemp.

Raising Kanan has already released a trailer for its upcoming first season and will be released July 18 on Starz.

Series producer 50 Cent portrayed Kanan Stark in Power, the friend-turned-dangerous rival of Ghost.

The rapper isn’t set to reprise his role in Raising Kanan as the prequel series will follow his younger years as he rises through the criminal ranks.

Hinting the ambitious Marvel Cinematic Universe has inspired Kemp’s template for the Power universe, she added: “Marvel didn’t come out of the gate with Ant-Man, right?”

All seasons of Power are currently available on Netflix.

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