Piers Morgan slams ‘ineffective’ Keir Starmer as Labour leader’s Boris tactic backfires

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Sir Keir Starmer must create a much more “effective” Opposition to the Government, Piers Morgan has demanded. The Good Morning Britain host was talking to experts about the Government’s imposition of stricter coronavirus measures in the north of England. Mr Morgan pointed the finger at the Labour Party leader’s failure to oppose a lot of the Government’s orders.

He told ITV viewers: “I have an issue with what Keir Starmer’s doing.

“If, as seems the case, everyone on the Labour frontbenches thinks the 10pm curfew is completely wrong, then it’s not good enough to say, ‘the Cabinet’s a disaster, Boris Johnson’s hopeless, Matt Hancock should resign, blah blah blah, but we’re going to support everything the Government does’.

“That, to me, is not about being an effective Opposition.

“Damn the politics, this is about people’s lives.”

Sir Keir had pledged to work constructively with the Government in order to handle the virus outbreak.

In May, he said: “I told the Prime Minister we will work constructively with the Government.

“But we will also challenge them when it is right to do so

“My priorities now are to engage with the government on coronavirus and provide responsible opposition.”

Labour had originally supported the Government’s emergency legislation in March that allowed Covid-related proposals to pass without debate.

However, this is now sparking a lot of rebellion, including from Tory backbenchers.

Cross party MPs are now demanding that Parliament be given a day on any new coronavirus restrictions.

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Rebel Tories attempted to lodge a bill that would require debate before legislation passed.

However, MPs voted to extend the coronavirus powers by 330 votes to 24.

In response, the Government bowed to the pressure from all sides of the House.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has promised MPs votes “wherever possible” on England or UK-wide coronavirus rules before they come into force.

But he warned that some urgent regulations could not be held up.

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