Piers Morgan blasts Love Island ‘man-eater’ Maura Higgins for ‘playing victim’

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has hit out at Love Island 2019 star Maura Higgins yet again, after her drama on the show with Tom Walker.

Maura lost it at Tom, with viewers offering their full support, as the Irish beauty overheard a comment the islander made about her.

They had just won a night in the Hideaway together, only for him to tell the boys that it would be “interesting to see if she was all mouth”, after weeks of her being open about sex.

Viewers, like Maura, were furious that because she was sexually confident he appeared to expect particular behaviour from her in the private bedroom, and she put him in his place.

But one person that wasn’t Team Maura is GMB host Piers, who blasted the star last week for “assaulting” Tommy Fury on the show.

He claimed she should be removed from the villa and “arrested” after she tried to kiss him repeatedly, even when he pulled away.

Piers has now said he has no sympathy for Maura who is “playing the victim” with Tom, calling her a “man-eater”.

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He added once again he felt she should be “arrested” before suggesting Tom’s comments were “banter”, and that Maura was kicking up a fuss for no reason.

Piers commented on the show: “Maura is the sex assaulter right, who assaulted Tyson Fury ’s half-brother?

“She assaulted him but no one cares because she’s a women, but she did. She literally assaulted him.

“He told her to get off and she carried on assaulting him, should have been arrested, and she’s playing the victim now. She’s a terrible victim of the banter bus.”

The host went on to fake sympathy, claiming he hoped she would be okay after her ordeal.

Viewers were left divided over the scenes, while the majority appeared to have Maura’s back.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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