Phillip Schofield turns up at This Morning filming in a enormous skirt to keep 'people at their distance'

THIS Morning's Phillip Schofield turned up at work in an enormous skirt today.

The 58-year-old star shocked fans when he posted a video where he glided down the corridor the billowing white garment.

He announced: "Until the vaccine is fully-operational I shall be wearing this to keep me Covid safe and people at their distance."

Phillip then abruptly turned left and disappeared off into This Morning's backstage area.

It was a rare look behind the scenes on the show, with its regular contributors including Vanessa Feltz shown in framed pictures on the wall.

The garment, which billows out on the floor around the wearer, is designed to keep people back so social-distancing rules are observed.

Phillip was very animated about the promising coronavirus vaccine results announced by Pfizer earlier this week, insisting he would take it today if he could.

Speaking on This Morning's Wednesday edition he told co-host Holly Willoughby: "It’s the only good news.

"We have been talking about the fact we have been lacking in good news, I swear if a nurse came in with one now on a plate, I’d have it."

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