Phillip Schofield terrifies Holly Willoughby with a creepy doll named after her

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Viewers might be wondering if it was Halloween, after Phillip Schofield terrified Holly Willoughby with a seriously spooky doll on This Morning.

They were joined by doll collectors who showed off a horrifying collection of trinkets, and Phil couldn’t resist scary Holly.

He reached behind the sofa, as Holly squirmed: “What are you about to pull out of there?”

Phil revealed the scary looking doll, insisting “This is Holly!”

Unsurprisingly the real Holly looked very unimpressed and tried to scoot away down the sofa.

“I think Holly and I need to socially distance from one another. I think she's too close” Holly grimaced.

Viewers scolded: “Phillip stop scaring Holly please, she is petrified!”

“It just moved. I love Phil winding up Holly” joked another.

Others were unimpressed: “Grow up Holly, it’s just a doll!”

One viewer’s dream came true after they tweeted: “Please someone pull a string and make that doll move, nothing would please me more”

Sure enough, while Holly was focusing on their guests, Phil jumped and said “did you see that?”

“Oh, God, don't do that!” wailed Holly “Don't do that! No I didn’t see.”

Phil wound her up more: “It just moved a little bit there. Did you see it? One arm moved.”

One viewer joined in, tweeting "The eyes definitely moved!"

The stunning presenter was not happy at all with Phil’s jokes.

Neither of them could believe the weird and not-so-wonderful dolls their guests from Portland, Oregon, had on offer.

One doll came with a seriously creepy back story, where they claimed the doll had fallen off a shelf and broken it’s leg.

They alleged the young owner of the doll also broke their leg weeks later, and sent the offending item off to them to be rehomed.

The duo insisted that "love cures all" and said that Holly should love her namesake doll and that it might help to exorcise it.

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Fortunately for her, Phil revealed it was all a wind-up and the spooky dolly was actually one he'd "borrowed" from the BBC props department.

Holly insisted she knew all along that it wasn't haunted, but did admittedly look relieved.

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