Peter Andre's son Junior furious after having to self-isolate again after coronavirus breakout at his school

PETER Andre's son Junior is fuming after having to self-isolate again after a coronavirus breakout at his school.

Pete has two young children with wife Emily – Theo, four, and Amelia, six – as well as teenagersex-wife Katie Price, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13.

Pete wrote in his new! magazine column: "Junior is having to self-isolate at the moment because a couple of people in his school year tested positive for coronavirus.

"When I told him he had to self-isolate he was excited because it meant staying at home – but when he realised he had to do all his lessons on Zoom from 8.15am, he wasn't too happy!

"It's quite full-on for kids when they have to do the same amount of work at home, as it's not easy to stay motivated, so I give him credit for that.

"The main thing is he doesn't have any symptoms and feels fine at the moment."

It comes after Pete was left heartbroken when Theo asked for a coronavirus test after coughing.

Due to his wife's profession of being a doctor, their children are all aware of the current risks of contracting the deadly bug, and have become very cautious of things.

Reflecting on the current pandemic, Peter told new! magazine: "There are so many terrible things going on right now and the other day something happened that made me really sad and brought home the situation that we’re in.

"Theo coughed and said, 'I need to have a corona test.'

"I thought, 'He’s three years old and that’s the first thing he thought of!'

"It made me sad that he would think a cough is bad, but of course it’s unavoidable with the current situation."

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