Peter Andre’s son Junior, 15, tells fans ‘I don’t want to die’ as he battles ‘weird’ coronavirus symptoms

JUNIOR Andre has opened up about his coronavirus battle, telling fans he doesn’t want to die.

The 15-year-old son of Katie Price and Peter Andre revealed he had Covid earlier this week and has now discussed his “weird” symptoms during a chat with fans on Instagram live.

Despite insisting it wasn’t severe, the teen appeared in a reflective mood when quizzed about if he was worried about dying.

He told his fans: "Don’t manifest it. Listen, if it happens it happens. But I know God wants me to live my life to the finish, so I’m not gonna die from Covid and if I do, I do. I don’t wanna die."

Going into detail about his symptoms, Junior admitted he was confused about why he had them as a teenager, as he believed just adults suffered with it.

He explained: "The first few days, my head was the worst. My head was banging so much. I dunno how I got symptoms, because I’m a child, I’m 15. But my head was banging, my body was aching, my throat was fine. 

“And then all of a sudden my body’s sort of stopped aching – it aches sometimes – my head still bangs but not as much but for some reason my throat is so sore. It’s killing me. I don’t know why. It’s not part of the symptoms I don’t think, but maybe I’ve got something else with Covid. Yeah, I have Covid. I’ve got what’s it called? Like a week left.”

He added: "Yeah, I've got Covid. And for some reason I have, like, symptoms. Normally minors don’t get symptoms. It’s not severe… it’s just annoying.”

Junior, whose family are now isolating alongside him, went to explain how he’s in pain when using his phone or on his computer.

“I was affected because I had a bad backache. I have a backache, my body aches. I’ve got a PS5, I’m gassed. The annoying thing is, because my head hurts… I’ve got a PS5 but the thing is, my head hurts when I go on my phone and play things. I don’t actually know what to do,” he said.

He went on to admit he had no idea where he could have caught it from, before jokingly telling his followers: “Guys, if I die, just know that you’re all loved, OK? I could die. No, no, no, I’m joking. I mean, I could…"

Junior lives with dad Peter and his sister Princess, as well as stepmum Emily and Theo and Amelia.

NHS doctor Emily and Peter have both already been struck with Covid-19 and suffered lingering side effects.

The singer, 48, called his battle with the disease "very unpleasant" and was confined to his bed or sofa for days.

He added that his cousin was also badly affected and needed oxygen because his struggle was so serious.

Emily, 31, got her first coronavirus jab back in January after seeing off the disease in 2020.

Katie's eldest son Harvey, 18, who has complex needs, has now had both jabs and suffered no ill effects. She has also had her first jab alongside fiance Carl Woods.

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